TUI flight from Glasgow declares emergency at Las Palmas due low fuel

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A TUI scheduled flight operating into Las Palmas from Glasgow has declared a general emergency at the destination due to a low fuel state after an aborted landing attempt due weather conditions.

TUI flight BY1480 from Glasgow (GLA) to Las Palmas (LPA) declared an emergency with transponder code 7700 in the Las Palmas area.

TUI BY1480 Glasgow – Las Palmas

Weather conditions involving wind shear at the destination airport LPA have reportedly played havoc, and the flight made two landing attempts with two resultant missed approaches.

The flight declared an emergency due low fuel state after the second approach attempt.

Diversion to Tenerife (TFS)

Flight BY1480 ten then initiated a diversion to the nearby alternate of Tenerife South Airport (TFS), where it has now landed.

The aircraft conducting this afternoon’s BY1480 service from Glasgow was Boeing 737-8 registered G-TUMU; a 4-year old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the carrier TUI Airways.

The flight had operated normally from Glasgow; departing at approximately 10:00 UTC this morning from Scotland, before proceeding on the southerly route, climbing to FL360 (36,000 feet) for the outbound leg.

Flight track of TUI flight BY1480 from Glasgow to Las Palmas, showing diversion to Tenerife.

The aircraft subsequently made two missed approaches before declaring a low fuel state emergency ay approximately 15:00 UTC this afternoon.

The flight then landed at nearby Tenerife without further incident.

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