Transavia Flight Athens-Paris Declares Emergency

Transavia Flight Athens-Paris Declares Emergency
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In the last few moments, a Transavia flight bound for Paris has declared an emergency minutes after departure from Athens.

F-HUYK is the aircraft operating this flight.

Follow below for live updates.

Live Emergency Updates: Transavia TO3521 Athens-Paris…

Transavia Flight Athens-Paris Declares Emergency
4 weeks ago24/04/24


Welcome to the live coverage. Updates will follow shortly. Keep refreshing to see these updates.

4 weeks ago24/04/24

Stopped Climb at 4,200 Feet…

Transavia Flight Athens-Paris Declares Emergency

Transavia flight T03521 has stopped it’s climb at 4,200 feet following it’s emergency declaration.

4 weeks ago24/04/24

Departures Halted at ATH…

Reports coming in that ground vehicles are on the runway and that departures have been halted.

4 weeks ago24/04/24

About F-HUYK: The Transavia France Operating T03521 Athens-Paris

F-HUYK is the Boeing 737-800 involved in the emergency, a 11.4 year old airframe that started out life with SAS in December 2012, as per Planespotters.

Transavia France took delivery of the aircraft in February 2022.

Furthermore, of the 737-800 variant, the French subsidiary to the carrier has 70 of them.

Of that 70, all but two are in active service, offering an average fleet age of 10.9 years.

4 weeks ago24/04/24

Turning Back to ATH…

Transavia Flight Athens-Paris Declares Emergency

T03521, originally bound for Paris, looks to be initiating it’s emergency return back to Athens.

4 weeks ago24/04/24

Departures Delayed…

Information confirmed that departures that were lined up and waiting have vacated, with departures at a stand still.

4 weeks ago24/04/24

On The Downwind…

T03521 is on the downwind leg and is preparing for it’s emergency landing into ATH.

4 weeks ago24/04/24

Turning Final…

T03521 is now on final approach into Athens, landing expected shortly.

4 weeks ago24/04/24


TOUCHDOWN! Transavia France flight T03521, originally bound for Paris, has appeared to have touched down safely back into ATH following it’s emergency declaration moments after departure.

Furthermore, as soon as we have more information regarding this, we will update you accordingly.

4 weeks ago25/04/24

Bird Strike Was The Cause…

A passenger onboard the Transavia Boeing 737-800 stated that the cause of the emergency was due to a bird strike.

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