Singapore Airlines 777 London-Singapore Declares Emergency

Singapore Airlines 777 London-Singapore Declares Emergency
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In the last few moments, a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 operating a flight between London and Singapore has declared an emergency.

Furthermore, 9V-SWM is the aircraft involved in the incident.

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Live Emergency Updates: Singapore Airlines SQ321 London-Singapore…

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1 month ago21/05/24


Welcome to our coverage! Updates will follow shortly.

1 month ago21/05/24

Diverting to Bangkok…

Singapore Airlines 777 London-Singapore Declares Emergency

Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 London-Singapore, looks to be getting ready for an emergency landing into Bangkok, Thailand.

1 month ago21/05/24

On Final Approach…

SQ321 looks to be on final approach into BKK.

1 month ago21/05/24


TOUCHDOWN! SQ321 looks to have touched down safely into Bangkok following it’s emergency declaration a few moments ago.

As per Planespotters, 9V-SWM is a 16.3 year old Boeing 777-300ER that was delivered to Singapore Airlines back in February 2008.

Furthermore, of the 777-300ER variant, which was involved in the emergency on the London flight, the airline has 23 in the fleet.

Other long-haul aircraft in the fleet consist of the likes of the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 & A380.

Moreover, of that 23, all but three are in active service, hosting an average fleet age of 14.2 years.

As soon as we have more information pertinent to the cause of the emergency, then we will update you accordingly.

For now, this remains a developing story pending additional updates.

1 month ago21/05/24

Runway Vacated Safely…

SQ321 has vacated the runway safely following it’s emergency landing.

Furthermore, it is still unclear what the nature of the incident is onboard.

1 month ago21/05/24

Cause Looks to be Severe Turbulence Event!

@onenews31 on X is reporting that the cause of the emergency onboard Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 London-Singapore is due to severe turbulence onboard.

Furthermore, it is understood that up to 30 people have been injured on the flight, with the unfortunate news that one person has died.

We are working to confirm this information. As soon as we have more information, we will update you accordingly!

1 month ago21/05/24

Singapore Airlines Releases Statement…

Singapore Airlines has released a statement on Facebook regarding the emergency.

1 month ago21/05/24

Photos from the Scene…

Photos from the scene in Bangkok have been released, including onboard the aircraft.

1 month ago21/05/24

Drop from FL370 to FL310 in Four Minutes…

Data from @RadarBoxCom which highlights the drop from FL370 to FL310, which is understood to be where the severe turbulence began.

1 month ago21/05/24

Video from Onboard…

Short video showing the damage to the luggage bin whilst the Captain announces the diversion to Bangkok.

1 month ago21/05/24

More Photos from Onboard As It Happened…

More photos have emerged. This time from @adarwis on X which shows the extent of the damage and chaos caused from the turbulence.

1 month ago21/05/24

Aftermath: Full Video in the Cabin…

A video has been released showing the aftermath in the cabin after landing into Bangkok.

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