Ryanair Flight Krakow-Malaga Declares Emergency

Ryanair Flight Krakow-Malaga Declares Emergency
kitmasterbloke, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In the last few moments, a Ryanair flight between Krakow and Malaga has declared an emergency over Marseille.

EI-HGT is the aircraft operating this flight. Live updates are to follow below.

Live Emergency Updates: Ryanair FR2589 Krakow-Malaga…

Ryanair Flight Krakow-Malaga Declares Emergency
Source: RadarBox.com.
2 months ago13/04/24


Welcome to the live updates regarding the emergency onboard Ryanair flight FR2589 between Krakow and Malaga.

Live updates will follow shortly. Keep refreshing for additional updates.

2 months ago13/04/24

Still Cruising at FL370…

FR2589 is still cruising at FL370, with no indication into the cause of the emergency.

2 months ago13/04/24

Ryanair Emergency: About EI-HGT…

EI-HGT, the aircraft operating this flight, is a 2.8 year old Boeing 737 MAX 8 that was delivered to the airline in July 2021, as per Planespotters.

Of the 737 MAX 8 variant, Ryanair Ireland has 91 in the fleet, of which all are in active service.

Furthermore, average fleet age for the variant at the Irish subsidiary to the group stands at 1.8 years.

2 months ago13/04/24

Continuing to Malaga?

Ryanair flight FR2589 from Krakow, which declared an emergency over Marseille, appears to be continuing to Malaga currently.

Furthermore, the aircraft is still cruising at FL370 following this emergency declaration, with no diversion field noted.

2 months ago13/04/24

Not Squawking 7700 Anymore…

FR2589 has stopped squawking the emergency code, which will conclude our coverage of this incident.

As soon as we have more information pertinent to the original cause, then we will update the article accordingly.

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