Ryanair Flight From Belfast to Edinburgh Declares Emergency

Ryanair Flight From Belfast to Edinburgh Declares Emergency
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In the last few hours, a Ryanair flight to Edinburgh declared an emergency and returned to Belfast minutes after departure.

Ryanair Flight From Belfast to Edinburgh Declares Emergency…

Ryanair Flight From Belfast to Edinburgh Declares Emergency
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Ryanair flight RK178, known as the UK subsidiary of the carrier, departed Belfast at 1947 local time earlier tonight.

This flight was operated by G-RUKF, one of the airline’s Boeing 737-8AS aircraft.

As per data from Planespotters.net, G-RUKF is a 17.6 year old airframe that was delivered to the Irish low-cost carrier back in March 2006, initially registered as EI-DLJ.

Upon the creation of the UK AOC, Ryanair transferred it over from the Irish register to G-RUKF in November 2021.


Less than 10 minutes after departure from Belfast, RK178 declared an emergency and proceeded to u-turn back to the airport, confirming their decision not to continue on to Edinburgh.

RK178 landed back into the airport less than 40 minutes after its initial departure.

As per @FlightEmergency, it is understood that the cause of the emergency was down to the pilots receiving an indication that one of the doors on the aircraft was open.

This was a serious emergency which could have been fatal if the pilots chose to continue onwards to Edinburgh from Belfast.

At this stage, it is unclear whether the aircraft will be deemed airworthy to attempt the flight again, or whether it will be cancelled for the time being whilst a replacement aircraft is sought after.

AviationSource will approach Ryanair for a comment on this emergency.

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