Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX Emergency: Diverts to Turin

Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX Emergency: Diverts to Turin
Image Credit: RadarBox

A Ryanair scheduled flight operating between Alicante and Bologna has declared a general emergency in the last few moments and has diverted to Turin.

Ryanair flight FR3797, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 registered EI-IFV operating between Alicante (ALC) and Bologna (BLQ) declared a general emergency, squawking 7700 as it passed over the southern coast of France en route.

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Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX Emergency: Diverts to Turin
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

Flight FR3797 initiated a descent and negotiated a diversion into nearby Turin Torino Airport (TRN). The nature of the emergency is unclear at this stage.

Data provided by RadarBox.com.

UPDATE #1 @ 1424 UK time – Ryanair flight FR3797 from Alicante has successfully diverted into Turin at 1426 CEST time.

Again, there is still no indication of the cause of the emergency.

What we do know is that EI-IFV is a six-month-old jet having been delivered to the Irish low-cost carrier back in December 2022.

It is one of the special Boeing 737 MAX 200 Gamechanger aircraft that the Ryanair group exclusively has, with hundreds on order currently.

As for the diversion into Turin, it can be anything from a medical emergency onboard to something technically wrong with the airplane.

At this stage, the aircraft hasn’t left Turin yet, so it is unclear what the situation is, and when the Ryanair 737 MAX 200 Gamechanger will be back in the air again.

AviationSource will approach Ryanair for a comment on the cause of this emergency.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
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