Qatar Airways A350 from Los Angeles to Doha declares emergency

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A Qatar Airways long haul flight from Los Angeles to Doha has declared an emergency as it approaches the United Kingdom enroute.

Qatar Airways flight QR11 Los Angeles – Doha

Qatar Airways flight QR11, a transatlantic flight operated by an Airbus A350 from Los Angeles (LAX) to Doha (DOH), has declared a general emergency, squawking 7700.

The flight declared the emergency as it approached the United Kingdom, cruising at 38,000 feet altitude.


Flight QR11 declared the general emergency from the cruise at FL380 as it approached the north-west coast of the United Kingdom, enroute to Doha. The aircraft is currently on descent passing through 16,000 feet over Scottish airspace.


It is clear the flight is now planning to divert with the aircraft is currently maintaining as descent profile, passing through 10,000 feet approaching Glasgow.


Flight data shows that the flight was slightly delayed departing Los Angeles earlier today, with an actual time of departure (ATD) showing as 17:02 PDT, against a scheduled departure time of 16:35 PDT. Flight time for the long haul transatlantic flight is given as 15 hours 10 minutes.

Update 10:00 BST

Having continued a descent in the Glasgow region, the flight now appears to be making good a diversion to Edinburgh. Flight now setting up for an approach, passing 4,000 feet as it approaches Edinburgh from the southwest.


And from here, a straight-in approach to RWY12. The nature of the emergency is not clear at this stage. The aircraft in question is Airbus A350, registration A7-AND; a 5 year old aircraft belonging to the carrier Qatar Airways.

Update Thurs 3 August

Qatar Airways have provided a clarification of the circumstances necessitating ysterday’s diversion to Edinburgh, saying: “Qatar Airways flight QR740 an Airbus A350-1000 travelling from LAX to DOH on 02 August was diverted to EDI due to a passenger requiring urgent medical assistance.”

“The passenger has subsequently received medical care at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. As a result all affected passengers will be provided with assistance by the ground services teams and resume their journeys at the earliest opportunity.”

A good result for the passenger and all concerned.

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