Lufthansa flight Tel Aviv-Frankfurt declares emergency

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
2 Min Read

A Lufthansa flight operating from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt has declared an emergency in the last few moments, whilst transiting Bosnian airspace en route.

Lufthansa flight LH691, an Airbus A321-200 operating a scheduled service from Tel Aviv (TLV) to Frankfurt (FRA) declared a general emergency, squawking transponder code 7700 whilst en route over Bosnian airspace.

Flight plan track of LH691 from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt.

The flight is currently in Croatia’s Zagreb flight information region, and is making good a diversion to Zagreb Airport (ZAG).

Flight plan track of LH691 from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt.

Weather for the flight’s arrival into Zagreb as at 07:30 local time is visual conditions (VFR) with clear sky with light winds and visibility 10 kilometres or more.

Flight LH691 is now established on final approach for RWY04 Zagreb Aiport (ZAG).

Flight plan track of LH691 from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt, showing diversion to Zagreb.

Data for this morning’s flight shows LH691 made a slightly delayed departure out of Tel Aviv; showing an actual time of departure of 05:39 IDT against a scheduled departure time of 04:50 IDT.

The flight then proceeded normally, climbing to a cruising altitude of FL360 (36,000 feet) and establishing on flight plan track for Frankfurt.

The aircraft then declared a general emergency with the activation of transponder code 7700 whilst descending through FL240 (24,000 feet) whilst over Bosnia.

The aircraft in question is Airbus A321-271NX registered D-AIEO; a one-year old aircraft belonging to the carrier Lufthansa.


The cause of the diversion to Zagreb on September 4 is reported to be a failure of the right hand engine, a PW1133G. The crew reported the failure approximately 160nm to the southeast of Zagreb, and shut the engine down.

The crew initiated a driftdown to FL200 (20,000 feet) and elected to make a diversion into Zagreb.


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