KLM 777 Amsterdam-Sao Paulo Declares Emergency

KLM 777 Amsterdam-Sao Paulo Declares Emergency
Alf van Beem, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the last few moments, a KLM Boeing 777-300ER operating a flight from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo has declared an emergency.

PH-BVG, the aircraft operating the flight, has made this declaration following a sudden u-turn.

Updates from KL791 Amsterdam-Sao Paulo…

KLM 777 Amsterdam-Sao Paulo Declares Emergency
Data provided by radarBox.com.

Follow below for live updates…

1 month ago11/03/24

Diversion back to Amsterdam Confirmed!

KLM 777 Amsterdam-Sao Paulo Declares Emergency

Data from RadarBox.com states that KLM flight KL791, originally bound for Sao Paulo, will be returning to Amsterdam.

1 month ago11/03/24

About PH-BVG

KLM 777 Amsterdam-Sao Paulo Declares Emergency
Alf van Beem, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

PH-BVG is the aircraft involved in this emergency.

As per Planespotters, PH-BVG is a 11.8 year old Boeing 777-300ER that was delivered to KLM back in June 2012.

Of the 777-300ER variant, the Dutch carrier has 16 of them in the fleet, of which all but one are in active service, and host an average fleet age of 10.2 years.

The Dutch carrier also has the following in their fleet:

  • 11 Airbus A330s.
  • 42 Boeing 737 Family aircraft.
  • 15 777-200s.
  • 23 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

In total, the airline has 107 aircraft in their fleet.

1 month ago11/03/24

Unclear What The Nature of the Emergency Is…

At this stage, it is unclear what the nature of the emergency is.

KL791 is close by to La Rochelle currently as the diversion back to Amsterdam continues.

1 month ago11/03/24

What We Know So Far…

What we know so far is:

  • KL791 is a routine scheduled flight between Amsterdam and Sao Paulo.
  • Departed Schiphol at 1144 local time this morning.
  • To the west of Madrid, the aircraft made a u-turn back to AMS.
  • Off the west coast of France, the aircraft declared an emergency.
1 month ago11/03/24

Squawk Code Changed From 7700 to 2140…

The squawk code on KL791 has changed from 7700, the general emergency code, to 2140, a non-standard.

This means that whatever the emergency is, they have it under control in-flight.

1 month ago11/03/24

Continuing on to AMS…

KL791 is continuing on to AMS, and is to the west of Paris at this present moment at FL300.

1 month ago11/03/24

Descent Commenced into Schiphol…

KLM flight KL791, originally bound for Sao Paulo, has commenced it’s descent back into Amsterdam Schiphol following it’s emergency declaration.

1 month ago11/03/24

Moments From Arrival…

KL791 is not far away from landing into AMS. At the moment, it looks like Runway 36C is in use for arrival.

1 month ago11/03/24

On Base…

KL791 is now on base leg for Runway 36C at Schiphol.

1 month ago11/03/24

Landing Imminent…

KLM flight KL791 is now on finals for Runway 36C, landing imminent in the next few moments.

1 month ago11/03/24


TOUCHDOWN! KLM flight KL791, originally bound for Sao Paulo, has appeared to have safely touched down back into Amsterdam Schiphol following it’s emergency declaration over an hour ago.

As soon as we find out more information regarding the reason, we will update you accordingly.

This concludes our live coverage of the emergency for now.

AviationSource approached KLM for a comment on what happened with KL791.

A spokesperson said the following on the emergency:

“The KL791 to Sao Paulo returned to Amsterdam this afternoon due to a technical malfunction.”

“Passengers are informed and rebooked. In this, we want to emphasize that the safety of our passengers and crew is paramount, and they have not been in danger.”

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