Jet2 737 Leeds-Fuerteventura Declares Emergency

Jet2 737 Leeds-Fuerteventura Declares Emergency
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In the last few moments, a Jet2 flight to Fuerteventura has declared an emergency following a series of holds over Leeds not long after departure.

G-JZBX is the aircraft operating this flight.

See below for live updates as they come in.

Live Updates: LS257 – Leeds to Fuerteventura…

Jet2 737 Leeds-Fuerteventura Declares Emergency
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2 weeks ago04/04/24


Welcome to the live coverage. Updates will occur in the next few moments.

2 weeks ago04/04/24

Exited The Hold at Leeds Bradford Airport

Jet2 737 Leeds-Fuerteventura Declares Emergency

Jet2 flight LS257 between Leeds and Fuerteventura has exited the hold at LBA and is currently tracking Southbound.

2 weeks ago04/04/24

About G-JZBX…

This flight is being operated by G-JZBX, a 15.8 year old Boeing 737-800 that was delivered to the airline in March 2023, as per Planespotters.

Furthermore, the aircraft started out life with Sunwing Airlines in July 2008, and has been with the likes of Smartwings and TUI fly Netherlands before being handed over to LS.

2 weeks ago04/04/24

Reason Unknown Currently…

Jet2 737 Leeds-Fuerteventura Declares Emergency

At this stage, the reason for the emergency is still unknown.

Furthermore, the diversion field not clear as Jet2 flight LS257 continues to track southbound at 9,000 feet.

2 weeks ago04/04/24

Nearby Manchester Not The Diversion Field…

Jet2 737 Leeds-Fuerteventura Declares Emergency

LS257 has gone past Manchester, which indicates the diversion airfield will be somewhere else in the UK.

2 weeks ago04/04/24

Descent Started from Leeds: East Midlands?

LS257 from Leeds to Fuertventura originally, has started a descent, with Nottingham East Midlands appearing to be the diversion field currently.

2 weeks ago04/04/24

Base Leg into EMA…

Jet2 flight LS257 is on the base leg into East Midlands Airport following it’s emergency broadcast earlier.

2 weeks ago04/04/24

On Final Approach into EMA…

LS257 is now on final approach. Emergency landing expected imminently.

2 weeks ago04/04/24


TOUCHDOWN! Jet2 flight LS257 from Leeds Bradford, originally bound for Fuerteventura, has appeared to have touched down safely into Nottingham East Midlands following it’s emergency declaration after departure.

AviationSource has approached the airline for a comment into the cause of the emergency itself.

2 weeks ago04/04/24

Cause: Flaps Issue

@airlivenet reports that the reason for the emergency onboard Jet2 flight LS249 was due to a flaps issue.

This was observed on final when the aircraft was doing 170 knots ground speed before landing.

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