Jet2 Flight from Leeds Bradford Declares Emergency

Jet2 Flight from Leeds Bradford Declares Emergency
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In the last few moments, a Jet2 flight from Leeds Bradford bound for Lanzarote has declared an emergency minutes after departure.

The aircraft is currently in a series of holds at the moment following this.

Live Updates from LS217 at Leeds Bradford…

Jet2 Flight from Leeds Bradford Declares Emergency
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This is a developing story.

1 month ago14/03/24

Holds over Leeds Bradford Airport…

Jet2 Flight from Leeds Bradford Declares Emergency

Jet2 flight EXS17CY continues to hold over the vicinity of Leeds Bradford Airport following the emergency declaration.

1 month ago14/03/24

About The Aircraft…

As per data from Planespotters, G-JZHM, the aircraft operating this flight is a 7.4 year old Boeing 737-800.

It was delivered to Jet2 back in November 2016.

Furthermore, of the 737-800 variant, the UK carrier has 91 in the fleet, consisting of 81 in active service and 10 currently parked.

They host an average fleet age of 14.2 years, and have future 737-800s on order.

1 month ago14/03/24

Exited It’s Current Holds…

Jet2 Flight from Leeds Bradford Declares Emergency

EXS17CY has exited it’s current set of holds that it was undertaking at Leeds Bradford Airport and looks to be entering a new series of them potentially.

1 month ago14/03/24

Confirmed Bird Strike is the Cause

@FlightEmergency on X confirming that the cause of the emergency is due to a bird strike after departure.

1 month ago14/03/24

Heading in the Direction of Manchester…

Jet2 Flight from Leeds Bradford Declares Emergency

Jet2 flight EXS17CY looks to be heading in the direction of Manchester Airport as it’s potential diversion field.

1 month ago14/03/24

On Final into Manchester Airport…

EXS17CY looks to be established for the 23s at Manchester Airport already. Landing expected in the next few minutes.

1 month ago14/03/24


TOUCHDOWN! Jet2 flight EXS17CY, originally from Leeds Bradford to Lanzarote, has appeared to have landed safely into Manchester Airport following an emergency call caused by a bird strike on departure.

1 month ago14/03/24

Runway Vacated

EXS17CY has safely vacated Runway 23R at Manchester Airport and is taxiing to a gate.

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