Jeju Air flight Seoul-Da Nang declares emergency

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A Jeju Air flight operating from Seoul, South Korea to Da Nang, Vietnam has declared an emergency whilst outbound.

Jeju Air flight 7C2903, a Boeing 737-800 operating from Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN) to Da Nang (DAD) declared an emergency with squawk code 7700.

The flight now appears to be making good a return to South Korea (ICN).

Jeju Air 7C2903 Seoul – Da Nang

Flight data shows that Jeju Air flight 7C2903 made an on-time departure out of Incheon international Airport earlier today at 21:42 local time.

The flight then set course normally for the outbound route to Vietnam; climbing to a cruising altitude of FL330 (34,000 feet), before initiating a descent.

The flight subsequently declared a general emergency with transponder code 7700 at 13:40 UTC, before executing a turnaround for return to ICN.

Return to Seoul (ICN)

The aircraft conducting today’s 7C2903 rotation to Vietnam is a Boeing 737-8AS registered HL8062; a 15-year old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the carrier Jeju Air.

Jeju Air currently operates a fleet of 38 Boeing 737-800 jets and offers flights on 10 domestic routes and one weekly flight on six international routes to Bangkok, Guam, Saipan, Harbin, Weihai, and Tokyo.

The low-cost carrier also plans to add up to 50 Boeing 737-8 MAX jets to its fleet between 2023 and 2027.

Update 14:20 UTC

Flight 7C2903 now back in the Incheon Flight Information Region and continuing a return to ICN. The aircraft has returned to a normal squawk code and is established on a direct track for the return.

Update 14:40 UTC

Flight 7C2903 now established on descent and passing through 16,000 feet on the approach into ICN. Weather for the return is Visual Flight Conditions 9VFR) with visibility 10 kilometers or more.

Update 15:00 UTC

Jeju Air flight 7C2903 now established on finals for RWY33/34 ICN. The nature of the problem prompting today’s return is not yet known.

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