Hurricane Hilary: Flight Disruption Expected in Los Angeles

Hurricane Hilary: Flight Disruption Expected in Los Angeles
Photo Credit: NOAA.

Flight disruption is expected to occur in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas of California as Hurricane Hilary is on the path to the West Coast United States.

USAF Tracking Hurricane Hilary Which Could Cause Flight Disruption in Los Angeles…

Hurricane Hilary: Flight Disruption Expected in Los Angeles
Source: ADS-B Exchange.

The United States Air Force has sent one of its Lockheed Martin WC-130J Weatherbird aircraft that is currently monitoring the hurricane’s position at the moment.


At the time of writing (1821 UK time), the storm is currently to the West of the Mexican coast.

The FAA has already put out warnings on social media, which explains that there could be heavy rainfall in the San Diego and Los Angeles area because of Hurricane Hilary.

More notably, this is the first time in over 80 years that a tropical storm will hit the state of California.

Indications are stating that the tropical storm could hit the San Diego area as early as midnight on Monday.

Even so, the wind speeds are expecting to be lower by the time it gets to the West Coast, but authorities have briefed citizens to get ready for all scenarios.

It is understood that at the moment, Hurricane Hilary is producing winds of up to 145 miles per hour, and is currently moving northwest at 10mph.

All eyes will be on the storm throughout the weekend to see if it will continue its path towards Los Angeles and San Diego, or whether it will shift in direction.

This is a developing story. More to follow in due course.

UPDATE #1 @ 1838 UK time – The FAA has announced the issuance of the first ever tropical storm watch for Southern California by the National Weather Service.

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