Frontier Airlines A321 returns to Denver after engine fire indication

Image Credit: RadarBox

A Frontier Airlines Airbus A321 departing Denver, CO for Phoenix, AZ made a precautionary return to land at Denver, following the receipt of a left-hand engine fire indication during the climb after takeoff on January 25.

Frontier Airlines F94635 Denver – Phoenix

Frontier Airlines flight F94635, an Airbus A321-211 operating from Denver International Airport (DEN) to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) was conducting its initial climb out after takeoff from DEN when the flight crew declared a general emergency.

The crew reported receiving a fire indication on the left-hand engine and subsequently terminated the climb before initiating a precautionary return to the departure airport.

Precautionary return DEN

Once re-established on final at DEN, the aircraft subsequently reported that the fire indication warning had discontinued; advising that the flight would vacate the runway after takeoff for inspection by emergency services.

The return landing at DEN was carried out without incident.

Flight data for the January 25 F94635 service to Phoenix (PHX) shows that the flight made an on-time departure out of DEN; showing an actual departure time of 20:51 local time against the scheduled departure of 21:04 local.

Following takeoff the aircraft was conducting its initial climb below 10,000 feet when the incident occurred, and flight crew subsequently terminated the climb 8000 feet. The general emergency was declared with transponder code 7700.

The aircraft then levelled off at 8000 feet and conducted a circuit to return to DEN as a precautionary measure.

The aircraft conducting the service was an Airbus A321-211 registered N701FR; an eight-year-old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the US carrier Frontier Airlines.

A replacement aircraft was subsequently mastered by the carrier to complete the January 25 F9-4635 flight service rotation.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
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