Fire Rescue helicopter crashes in Pompano Beach Florida

Footage of helicopter crash in Pompano Beach Florida
Screenshot from video footage Twitter/X

A helicopter identified as being from the Broward Sheriff’s Office has crashed in Pompano Beach, Florida this morning.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), three people on board the Air Rescue helicopter at the time of the accident. It is understood that two of the occupants have been admitted to hospital, as well as two persons on the ground who attempted to assist those on board following the crash.

Footage of this morning’s accident shows the helicopter trailing a plume of smoke which appears to be originating from its engine.

The aircraft then loses control, following the partial severing of its tail boom assembly from a point at the rear of the fuselage, before autorotating to the ground.

Authorities have confirmed the helicopter came down in the vicinity of the Pompano Beach Airpark near Fort Lauderdale

It is understood that two persons on the ground will also taken to hospital after they attempted to assist those on board to exit the crashed aircraft.


Broward Sheriff’s Office statement on the crash in Pompano Beach, Florida…

The Broward Sheriff’s Office has now released a statement confirming the helicopter crash occurred near North Dixie Highway and Atlantic Boulevard in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Motorists were advised to avoid the area, and the Dixie Highway was closed down between Northeast Fifth Street and Northeast Tenth Street.

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