FedEx Flight Nottingham-Liege Suffers Engine Failure

FedEx Flight Nottingham-Liege Suffers Engine Failure
Eric Salard, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A FedEx Boeing 757 Freighter between Nottingham and Liege suffered an engine failure earlier tonight, prompting an emergency landing into London Stansted.

FedEx Flight Nottingham-Liege Suffers Engine Failure…

FedEx Flight Nottingham-Liege Suffers Engine Failure
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FedEx flight FX6380 was a routine flight from Nottingham East Midlands Airport to Liege in Belgium operated by N927FD.

As per data from, N927FD is a 29.5 year old Boeing 757-200 Freighter that originally started out life with Britannia Airways as G-BYAU in May 1994.

FedEx Express at the time of writing have 118 units of the type in its fleet amongst other aircraft, of which 96 are in active service as well as 22 parked frames, with an average age of 31.8 years.

By November 2004, it was transferred over to Thomsonfly, and then onto Thomson Airways in May 2009 following several name changes.

In May 2012, the aircraft was handed over to FedEx and was converted into a Cargo aircraft in November 2012, where commercial service began thereafter.

FX6380 departed Nottingham East Midlands Airport at 2251 local time last night, and then moments after achieving a high cruise, the Boeing 757 lost an engine, as per @FlightEmergency on Twitter.

From there, the Boeing 757 Freighter made a sharp descent, which was intended for a diversion into London Stansted Airport.

FedEx flight FX6380 landed safely into London Stansted at 2342 local time following this engine failure. It is unclear when this aircraft will leave the airport.

All eyes will be on when the aircraft will become airworthy following the engine failure whilst operating the Nottingham East Midlands-Liege route.

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