euroAtlantic Airways 767 Jerez-San Salvador Declares Emergency

euroAtlantic Airways 767 Jerez-San Salvador Declares Emergency
Pedro Aragão, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons
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In the last few moments, a euroAtlantic Airways Boeing 767 bound for San Salvador has declared an emergency minutes after departure from Jerez.

CS-TSU is the aircraft involved in this emergency.

Below is what we know so far…

euroAtlantic Airways Flight YU613 – Jerez-San Salvador…

euroAtlantic Airways 767 Jerez-San Salvador Declares Emergency
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euroAtlantic Airways 767 Jerez-San Salvador Declares Emergency
Andrés Ramírez (GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2, via Wikimedia Commons

euroAtlantic Airways, which has declared an emergency, flight YU613 is a flight between Jerez and San Salvador.

The aircraft involved in this incident is CS-TSU.

As per data from, CS-TSU is a 21.6 year old Boeing 767-300 that first started out with Hainan Airlines in December 2002.

By July 2018, the aircraft was handed over to euroAtlantic Airways, where it has been since.

Of the 767-300 variant, the airline has three of them in the fleet.

Furthermore, of that three, all but one are in active service, with an average fleet age of 21.6 years.

euroAtlantic Airways flight YU613 departed Jerez at 2105 local time tonight and initially climbed out towards San Salvador.

However, over the Seville area, the aircraft declared an emergency and proceeded to enter a hold to the west of Cordoba.

Cause of the Emergency Unknown…

Alf van Beem via Wikimedia Commons.

At this stage, the cause of the emergency is unknown.

As soon as we have more information pertinent to this emergency, then we will update you.

In the meantime, be sure to follow our live updates below as this incident continues to develop.

4 weeks ago27/05/24


Welcome to the live coverage of this emergency! Updates will follow shortly!

4 weeks ago27/05/24

Holds Exited…

euroAtlantic Airways flight YU613 Jerez-San Salvador has exited it’s current hold.

It looks like the aircraft is heading for Seville as the diversion field.

4 weeks ago27/05/24

On Final Into Seville…

YU613 is on final approach into Seville Airport for it’s emergency landing.

4 weeks ago27/05/24


TOUCHDOWN! euroAtlantic Airways flight YU613 from Jerez to San Salvador has appeared to have touched down safely into Seville following it’s emergency declaration.

Furthermore, as soon as we have more information regarding the cause, we will update you accordingly.

This remains a developing story pending additional updates.

4 weeks ago27/05/24

Cause: Mechanical Failure…

We have received word that the cause of tonight’s emergency involving the euroAtlantic Boeing 767 was due to a mechanical failure.

The aircraft had onboard the Cadiz Club de Futbol Team Onboard.

In a statement, the football club said:

“The #CádizCF expedition had to make an emergency landing a few minutes ago at the Seville airport after a mechanical failure on the plane to El Salvador. Given the circumstances and the impossibility of finding a solution on the part of the airline, the trip to El Salvador has been cancelled. From now on we will work to fulfill our commitment to Jorge ‘Mágico’ González, El Salvador and the Salvadorans.”

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