easyJet Flight Madeira-London Declares Emergency

easyJet Flight Madeira-London Declares Emergency
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

Last night, an easyJet flight between Madeira and London Gatwick declared an emergency on descent into it’s destination.

Such an emergency placed significant concern last night due to the nature of the problem that was onboard.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

easyJet U28522 Madeira-London Gatwick…

easyJet Flight Madeira-London Declares Emergency
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

easyJet flight U28522 is a routine scheduled flight between Funchal in Madeira and London Gatwick.

The affected rotation operating this flight was G-EJCD.

As per data from Planespotters.net, G-EJCD is a 14.7 year old Airbus A320 that started out life with Air Berlin in June 2009.

In 2018, the aircraft was handed over to easyJet Europe, before over to the UK subsidiary.

U28522 departed Madeira at 1914 local time last night and proceeded up to London Gatwick.

During the descent phase, the crew onboard declared an emergency, requesting priority landing.

U28522 landed into Gatwick at 2320 local time safely.

What Was The Cause of the Emergency?

As per @FlightEmergency on X, the cause of the emergency was smoke throughout the cabin.

Upon arrival into London Gatwick, easyJet flight U28522 was met by emergency crews because of this.

Furthermore, it is unclear where in the aircraft this smoke began to come from, but required the emergency.

This is because there is an immediate threat of smoke inhalation to the passengers onboard.

It is also why a rapid descent was made during this issue, so then more airflow in lower altitudes could be established.

The Different Emergencies That Can Happen on an Airplane…

Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

Any type of emergency can happen on an airplane.

It can be anything from a medical emergency, to what we have seen onboard easyJet flight U28522 between Madeira & London.

Or it can be a range of other problems that could happen onboard.

This would include things such as technical issues with the aircraft, like an engine failure, hydraulic failure, amongst other items.

However, it is key to note that the chances of this happening are extremely slim.

This is due to the continued safety culture implemented by airlines around the world.

Sometimes it is these sort of events that are outside the control of the crew.

Therefore, such a diversion is necessary to ensure safety to life.

As well as this, it is also essential then to give the affected persons the care that they need.

At the time of writing (27/2/24 @ 1000 UK time), G-EJCD remains on the ground in London.

It is unclear when the flight, originally from Madeira, will be cleared as airworthy again.

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on whether more information will be released regarding U28522 between Madeira & London.

As soon as more information becomes available, we will update this article accordingly.

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