easyJet A319 enroute to Ibiza declares emergency

Image: RadarBox

An easyJet flight operating between Venice and Ibiza has declared an emergency enroute.

easyJet flight U24073 from Venezia, Italy (VCE), operated by an Airbus A319-100, has declared a general emergency in the cruise, enroute to Ibiza (IBZ).

The nature of the emergency is as yet unknown and the aircraft is presently maintaining its track on descent for Ibiza.

easyJet Venezia (VCE) – Ibiza (IBZ)

Source: RadarBox.com

The aircraft, an Airbus A319-111, registered OE-LKD belonging to European carrier easyJet, declared the general emergency whilst in the cruise over the Mediterranean.

The aircraft is currently setting up for an approach to Ibiza, passing 10,000 feet on descent.

Source: RadarBox.com


Flight U24073 has now elected to make a diversion to Palma De Mallorca (PMI) and is currently making good its approach.

Source: RadarBox.com

The flight is now on a straight-in approach to RWY24R Palma De Mallorca, having elected to make the diversion and approach to the closer airport, rather than continue to the destination Ibiza.

Source: RadarBox.com

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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