Drone Activity at Dublin Airport Causes In-Flight Emergency

Drone Activity at Dublin Airport Causes In-Flight Emergency. Dublin Drone Closure: O'Leary Calls for Resignations
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

Drone activity at Dublin Airport has occurred once again. This time, it has caused an in-flight emergency onboard RYR8X from Budapest to Dublin.

Drone Activity at Dublin Airport Causes In-Flight Emergency
Data provided by RadarBox.com.

FR1026 was the flight affected by the in-flight emergency, with it being understood the cause of the emergency was down to lack of fuel.

SP-RSO was the Boeing 737-800 affected by the actual emergency, with the aircraft being 5 years old at the time of writing.

This has resulted in a diversion to Belfast Airport following unsuccessful landing attempts into Dublin.

You can see from the image above the routing that the aircraft has taken, resulting in several circles, go-arounds, and more, as per RadarBox.com.

Dublin Airport confirmed on social media that flight operations had to be suspended due to drone activity in the vicinity.

This is the latest suspension in operations following the presence of drones.

It is understood that the airport has been reopened since, but with the nature of the emergency of the Ryanair flight, the priority was to land ASAP at the closest airport.

Dublin Airport hasn’t given an official statement of the reopening, but RadarBox.com shows flights landing and departing out of the airport once again.

For the Dublin area, this will cause further anger and upset amongst locals who may have had flights delayed or canceled as a result.

AviationSource will approach Dublin Airport and Ryanair for a comment on the latest operational shutdown caused at the airport due to the drones.

This is a developing story. More to follow in due course.



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