DHL flight Panama City to San Salvador declares emergency

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A DHL freighter service from Panama City bound for San Salvador has declared an emergency shortly after departure.

DHL flight L3222, operated by a Boeing 757 freighter from Panama City (PTY) to San Salvador (SAL) declared an emergency with squawk code 7700 and is currently holding off the coast.

DHL L3222 Panama City – San Salvador

Flight track of DHL flight L3222 Panama City to San Salvador, showing holding.

The nature of the emergency is not yet clear. Flight L3222 held off the coast after takeoff and is currently initiating its return to the departure airport Tocumen International Airport Panama (PTY).

Precautionary return PTY

Flight track of DHL flight L3222 Panama City to San Salvador, showing holding and return PTY.

Flight data shows the DHL freighter service departed Tocumen International Airport at 03:22 EST today; establishing on track and climbing to only 5,000 feet before declaring an emergency with transponder code 7700.

The flight then maintained 5,000 feet whilst initiating a holding pattern off the coast, before making its return to the departure airport.

The aircraft operating today’s L3222 service is a Boeing 757-27ASF registered HP-1810DAE; a 23-year old freighter aircraft belonging to the carrier DHL.

The freighter has been in service with DHL since August 2010, having previously passed through the hands of other freight operators including Far Eastern Air Transport and EVA Air.

The flight subsequently landed at approximately 04:00 EST.


It appears the cause of today’s emergency declaration and precautionary return was a left hand engine failure on flight L3222.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
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