Delta Air Lines Flight to Atlanta Declares Emergency

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Delta Air Lines flight DL1435 has declared an emergency as it approached Atlanta Airport following it’s flight from Milwaukee.

What we know so far:

  • – The flight declared an emergency around 40 minutes ago as it approached Atlanta
  • – Since declaring the emergency, the aircraft has been in a holding pattern east of the airfield.
  • – The aircraft is a 28 year old Boeing 757-251 Registration N538US.

Live Updates: Delta Air Lines Emergency

The aircraft has been in a hold east of Atlanta since declaring an emergency.

Update 1

The flight now appears to be lining up for a straight in approach into Atlanta Airport and has begun to make it’s final decent.

Update 2

Following information given to AviationSource from a family member of a passenger onboard the flight. The plane appears to have an issue with its landing gear following an indication in the flight deck

It conducted a Low Approach g0-around for ATC to be able to give visual confirmation on the status of the landing gear.

Update 3

The aircraft is now turning towards final, it’s understood that fire crews and medical teams are on standby.

The plane seems to have suffered a techincal fualt with it’s landing gear and pilots are preparing for emgency landing.

The Flight is now fully estabilished on the Localizer

Update 4

TOUCHDOWN! Flight DL1435 has landed safely in Atlanta following its earlier gear problem. It’s understood that aircraft ops are with the aircraft, which has now safely vacated the runway.

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By Tomos Howells - Chief Executive Officer 2 Min Read
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