British Airways flight Belfast-London declares emergency

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A British Airways flight from Belfast to London has declared an emergency whilst enroute.

British Airways flight BA1421, an Airbus A320 operating from Belfast City Airport (BHD) to London Heathrow (LHR) declared a general emergency with squawk code 7700 whilst inbound to the UK mainland.

The flight is presently proceeding on course at the lower altitude of 9,000 feet.

British Airways Shuttle BA1421 Belfast-London

Flight data shows that flight BA1421 declared the emergency with transponder code 7700 whilst on climb below 10,000 feet, then maintained 9,000 feet cruising altitude before continuing climb on track for London.

The flight is currently maintaining track, on climb through FL 180 (18,000 feet).

Update 07:20 UTC

British Airways Shuttle flight BA1421 has now returned to a normal transponder code, and is continuing its climb to the higher cruising level of FL190.

The nature of this morning’s problem is not yet known; however flight data shows the aircraft terminated its climb at 9,000 feet at approximately 0700 UTC and then maintained the reduced altitude before squawking code 7700.

The flight then proceeded at reduced altitude before continuing the climb approximately 10 minutes later.

The flight is now proceeding under normal operating procedures, with an ETA London LHR of 07:49 UTC.

The aircraft operating this morning’s service from Belfast is an Airbus A320-232 registered G-EUYB; a 15-year old narrowbody aircraft.

Update 08:00 UTC

British Airways flight BA1431 from Belfast now landed London Heathrow (LHR).

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