Breeze Flight from Orlando Makes Emergency Landing in Jacksonville

Breeze Flight from Orlando Emergency Landing in Jacksonville
Photo Credit: Breeze Airways.

It has emerged that a Breeze Airways Airbus A220 operating a flight between Orlando and Rhode Island had to make an emergency landing in Jacksonville due to a security threat.

Incident: Breeze A220 Orlando-Rhode Island Makes Emergency Landing…

Breeze Flight from Orlando Emergency Landing in Jacksonville
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Breeze Airways flight MX717 is a routine scheduled flight between Orlando and Providence, Rhode Island, with the affected rotation being operated by N220BZ.

As per data from, N220BZ is a 0.6 year old Airbus A220-300 that was delivered to the carrier back in May.

Of the A220-300 variant, the carrier has 18 of them in the fleet, of which all are in active service and have an average age of 1.1 years.

Breeze Airways flight MX717 departed Orlando at 1628 local time yesterday and proceeded in a northernly direction up to Providence, Rhode Island.

Upon passing the Jacksonville area, the Airbus A220 made a u-turn and started descending into the airport, but had not declared an emergency.

As per AirLive, it was later revealed that a threat had been made to the airplane, which had caused this diversion into Jacksonville.

According to the report, a spokesperson for the FBI said the following on this incident:

“Agents are currently questioning those involved, but there is no information so far to indicate that any legitimate threat existed,”

The Federal Aviation Administration later said that the Breeze Airways crew from Orlando “reported a disturbance” onboard the airplane.

All eyes will be on what this disturbance actually was that prompted a diversion into Jacksonville, which forced a major delay to the aircraft bound for Rhode Island from Orlando.

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