Another Air France Boeing 787 Declares Emergency

Air France AF268 returns to Paris.

LONDON – Another Air France Boeing 787 has declared an emergency over France, with this being AF268 from Paris CDG to Male.

F-HRBA is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner currently undergoing this 7700 squawk, which is a general emergency.

Air France AF268 returns to Paris.

Data from shows that at the time of writing, it is currently heading eastbound at FL270.

This is a developing story.

Air France AF268 returns to Paris.

UPDATE #1 @ 1734 UK time – Air France 268 looks to be doing some holds at this present time, and is heading west toward Paris currently.

UPDATE #2 @ 1737 UK time – F-HRBA was also involved in yesterday’s emergency when it was operating AF864 between Paris and Cape Town.

Air France AF268 returns to Paris.

UPDATE #3 @ 1741 UK time – Air France 268 continues its holding pattern just south of Luxembourg; unclear what the diversion airport will be or whether it will return to Paris.

UPDATE #4 @ 1750 UK time – AF268 will remain in the hold until it burns enough fuel to attempt an approach into the airport of its choosing. At this time, it is unclear what the reason for the emergency is.

Air France AF268 returns to Paris.

UPDATE #5 @ 1801 UK time – AF268 appears to be exiting the hold it is currently in and looks to be heading west toward Paris CDG.

UPDATE #6 @ 1809 UK time – AF268 has begun its descent into Paris CDG. At this moment in time, it is unclear what runway the aircraft will be landing on.

UPDATE #7 @ 1817 UK time – AF268 continues to descend out of 17,000 feet. Arrival is expected in the next few minutes.

UPDATE #8 @ 1827 UK time – AF268 is being sequenced into the approach. Looking like the 08s at this time.

UPDATE #9 @ 1829 UK time – AF268 looks like it is now going for 09s instead.

UPDATE #10 @ 1832 UK time – And back to 08s again! AF268 is on the final approach for Runway 08R at Paris CDG.

UPDATE #11 @ 1837 UK time – AF268 has landed safely back at Paris CDG on Runway 08R. AviationSource will approach Air France for a comment on the two emergencies from F-HRBA.

UPDATE #12 @ 1853 UK time – With F-HRBA being involved in two emergencies within a 24-hour period, take a look at our recap of what has happened.

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