American Flight: Diverted to Lake Charles from Houston: Flap Issue

American Airlines B737-800
BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this week, an American Airlines flight that diverted to Lake Charles from Houston in an emergency has had the cause identified: A flap issue.

American Flight: Diverted to Lake Charles from Houston: Flap Issue…

American Flight: Diverted to Lake Charles from Houston: Flap Issue
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American Airlines flight AA1472 is a routine scheduled flight between Dallas Fort Worth and Houston, with the affected rotation being operated by N935AN.

As per data from, N935AN is a 23.7 year old Boeing 737-800 that was delivered to the carrier back in May 2000.

Of the 737-800 variant, the U.S carrier has 303 of them in the fleet, of which 291 are in active service and 12 are parked, offering an average fleet age of 14.2 years.

American Airlines flight AA1472 departed Dallas at 1034 local time on January 22 and proceeded in the direction of Houston.

The aircraft made an initial approach attempt before going around and then aborting the second attempt a little further away from the airport.

AA1472 then proceeded eastbound in the direction of Lake Charles, where the aircraft landed safely following the emergency.

As per reporting from The Aviation Herald, rather than this being a weather-related diversion, it has emerged that this was due to another issue onboard.

It is understood that there was an issue with the flaps, as they didn’t extend during the initial approaches into Houston, hence the reason for the diversion into Lake Charles.

N935AN was grounded for around 19 hours before being positioned back to Dallas Fort Worth, where the aircraft re-entered commercial service following maintenance.

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