American Flight Charleston-Washington DC Declares Emergency

An American Airlines CRJ-700 jet in flight.
Alan Wilson , CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An American Airlines regional flight from Charleston, SC declared an emergency approaching Washington, VA on Sunday, 14 April 2024.

American Airlines flight AA5044, a CRJ-700ER out of Charleston declared an emergency with squawk code 7700 as it approached the destination.

American AA5044 Charleston-Washington

After holding to the east of the airport for a short period, the flight declared the formal emergency before making its approach.

The nature of the problem prompting the emergency declaration is not yet known. Weather conditions at the destination airport were visual (VFR) for the time of arrival.

Data shows that the original flight made an on-time departure out of Charleston International Airport (CHS) at 12:09 local time on 14 April.

The flight then set course normally, climbing to FL290 (29,000 feet) for the northerly route to Washington.

One approach into the destination, flight AA5044 terminated its descent at 5000 feet. From there, the flight entered a holding pattern to the east.

The aircraft then initiated further descent in the holding procedure, before declaring general emergency with code 7700.

Having exited the holding pattern the flight then continued for an approach into Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).

The aircraft conducting the regional AA5044 rotation was a Bombardier CRJ-700ER jet, registered N705PS.

This is a 20-year old regional jet belonging to the US carrier American Airlines. The aircraft has been in service with the carrier since December 2013.

The American Eagle network of 6 regional carriers operates under a codeshare and service agreement with American, serving destinations across the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Three are wholly owned subsidiaries of American Airlines Group:

  • Envoy Air Inc.
  • Piedmont Airlines Inc.
  • PSA Airlines Inc.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
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