American Airlines flight from Philadelphia-Dallas declares emergency

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An American Airlines flight operating out of Philadelphia for Dallas-Forth Worth has declared an emergency whilst en route.

American Airlines flight AA1670, an Airbus A321 operating from Philadelphia (PHL) to Dallas-Forth Worth (DFW) declared a general emergency with squawk code 7700 as it transited Maryland airspace after departure.

The flight appears to be proceeded on the flight plan track for the destination at this time.

American Airlines AA1670 Philadelphia-Dallas

Update 10:55 UTC – Normal Ops

American Airlines flight AA1670 has returned to a normal transponder code after squawking the emergency transponder code 7700 during the cruise at FL260 (26,000 feet).

Flight data shows that the aircraft transmitted the emergency code for approximately three minutes from 10:37 UTC whilst on the outbound track over Maryland.

The flight has since reverted to a normal code and is continuing on flight plan track for Dallas.]; having continued climb to cruising level FL320 (32,000 feet).

Flight continuation to DFW

It is unconfirmed whether the code transmission was erroneous data. The flight is presently continuing under normal operations.

The aircraft operating today’s AA1670 rotation from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is an Airbus A321-231 registered N145AN; an 8-year old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the US carrier American Airlines. The aircraft was originally delivered to the airline from the Hamburg plant on 1 October 2015

Data shows that flight AA1670 made an on-time departure out of PHL earlier today at 04:58 EST and established normally on the south westerly track for Dallas (DFW).

The flight is now proceeding normally on track for the destination, and is continuing under normal flight procedures.

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