Air France Flight Paris-Nice Declares Emergency

Photo Credit: Magic Aviation, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

An Air France flight operating from Paris to Nice has declared an emergency whilst inbound to the destination.

Air France flight AF from Paris Charles De Gaulle declared the emergency with squawk code 7700 whilst enroute.

The flight has expedited a diversion to nearby Marseille.

Air France AF7308 Paris-Nice

After declaring the emergency from the cruise to the southern France airport, flight AF7308 made an immediate diversion from track to Marseille (MRS).

This afternoon’s diversion remains unexplained due to the unknown nature of the emergency.

Diversion to Marseille (MRS)

Flight AF7308 is now established on the diversion course for MRS at cruising level FL310 (31,000 feet).

Update 16:10 UTC

Flight AF7308 is now on descent below 1,000 feet and established on its approach to the diversion airport MRS.

The aircraft has now landed and is clear MRS, with the nature of the emergency unknown. A review of the flight data shows Air France flight AF7308 made a delayed departure from Paris CDG.

The flight departed Paris CDG at 16:02 local time, off a scheduled departure time of 15:35 local.

The flight then proceeded normally, establishing course for Nice and climbing to cruising level FL310. The aircraft transmitted squawk code 7700, the emergency code, at 16:50 local time.

The aircraft operating this afternoon’s regional service from Paris is Airbus A320-200, registered F-GKXZ. This is a 14-year old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the French national carrier.

The aircraft has been in service with Air France since its delivery in December 2009.

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