Air France flight from Paris to Rio de Janeiro declares emergency

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An Air France flight operating from Paris to Rio de Janeiro has declared an emergency shortly after departure and its currently returning to Paris.

Air France flight AF484, a Boeing 777-300ER operating a long-haul service from Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) declared a general emergency with transponder code 7700 whilst transiting southern French airspace.

Air France AF484 Paris – Rio de Janeiro

Flight data reveals that Air France flight AF484 had set course and was on climb through FL310 (31,000 feet), before it discontinued the climb; transmitted the squawk code 7700 shortly thereafter, whilst on descent.

The flight was outbound over southern France at the time of the emergency declaration, and is now making an amended diversion.

Update 12:05 UTC

Air France flight AF484 currently in a holding procedure to the southwest of Nantes (NAN), maintaining FL250 (25,000 feet).

The Air France scheduled service made a delayed departure out of the Paris main hub CDG earlier this morning; showing an actual time of departure of 11:34 local time against a scheduled departure time of 10:40 local.

The flight then established on track normally for the southerly long-haul run to Rio de Janeiro/Galeão International Airport (GIG) before transmitting the emergency squawk code at 12:40 local (11:40 UTC).

The nature of the emergency is not yet known.

Update 12:20 UTC

Flight AF484 has now exited the holding pattern in southern France and has re-established on a return track for Paris CDG.

The nature of the emergency prompting the return is not yet known. Aircraft conducting today’s service is Boeing 777-300ER registration F-GZNP.

Update 12:35 UTC

Flight now establishing on the downwind leg RWY26/27 for its return to CDG.

Update 12:55 UTC

Flight AF484 now landed RWY27 CDG.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
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