Air France A319 Declares Emergency in Algiers

Air France A319 Declares Emergency in Algiers

Moments after departure, an Air France Airbus A319 declared an emergency over Northern Algiers.


F-GRHN is the Airbus A319 in question for Air France, operating AF7639 between Algiers and Paris Orly.

At this stage, it is unclear what the reason for the emergency is, and at the time of writing, no confirmation has been given over this.

Updates from the Air France A319 in Algiers…

This remains a developing story. More to follow.

Air France A319 Declares Emergency in Algiers
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UPDATE #1 @ 1841 UK time – The ADS-B coverage around the Algiers area is patchy, with the aircraft dropping in and out of signal.

UPDATE #2 @ 1842 UK time – The Air France Airbus A319 is reported to be on final approach into the airport, following its 7700 transmission.

UPDATE #3 @ 1844 UK time – Air France flight AF7639 has returned safely back to the airport in Algiers, with the cause of the emergency yet to be determined.

UPDATE #4 @ 1846 UK time – Some information on F-GRHN, the Airbus A319 involved in the emergency tonight:

The aircraft was delivered to the airline new in July 2000, giving the aircraft age of 23.1 years at the time of writing. The jet was leased until January 2016, when Air France took over the jet completely, as per data from Planespotters.

AviationSource will approach the airline for a comment on the nature of the emergency, with it being expected to be severe enough to cause a return to Algiers. More to follow.

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