Air France 777 Tokyo-Paris Declares Emergency

Air France 777 Tokyo-Paris Declares Emergency
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In the last few moments, an Air France Boeing 777 operating a flight from Tokyo to Paris has declared an emergency.

F-GZNJ is the aircraft operating this flight.

Live updates are below.

Live Emergency Updates: Air France AF245 Tokyo-Paris…

Air France 777 Tokyo-Paris Declares Emergency
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1 month ago24/04/24


Welcome to our live coverage! Updates will begin in the next few moments!

1 month ago24/04/24

AF245 Tracking Over Dumfries…

Air France 777 Tokyo-Paris Declares Emergency

Air France flight AF245 bound for Paris from Tokyo is currently at FL350 over the Dumfries, UK area, where the emergency broadcast was made.

Furthermore, this is the second emergency involving an AF 777 in one day.

The other emergency was earlier today when one of their 777-200ERs diverted to Baku.

1 month ago24/04/24

About F-GZNJ: The Air France Boeing 777 Involved in the Emergency…

F-GZNJ is the aircraft involved in this emergency.

Furthermore, as per Planespotters, F-GZNJ is a 13.1 year old Boeing 777-300ER that was delivered to the airline in April 2011.

Of the 777-300ER variant, AF have 43 in the fleet.

Furthermore, within that 43, all but three are in active service, hosting an average fleet age of 15.7 years.

1 month ago24/04/24

Continuing to CDG…

Furthermore, it looks like AF245 will continue on to CDG, with the aircraft not descending currently.

1 month ago24/04/24

Reason Still Unclear…

At this stage, it is unclear what the emergency is onboard the Air France Boeing 777-300ER.

1 month ago24/04/24

Squawk Code Changed…

Air France 777 Tokyo-Paris Declares Emergency

AF245 has changed it’s squawk code from 7700 to 7220. However, we will continue to monitor the aircraft until arrival.

1 month ago24/04/24

Medical Emergency…

As per @Shauns_Aviation on X, it is understood there is a medical emergency onboard AF245.

1 month ago24/04/24

Passing Over London…

Air France 777 Tokyo-Paris Declares Emergency

AF245 is passing over the London area, and has been in the air for 13hrs and 30 minutes.

Furthermore, total flight time is expected to be over 14 hours. Descent will commence soon.

1 month ago24/04/24

Descent Commenced into CDG…

Air France flight AF245 from Tokyo, which declared an emergency earlier, is now descending into Paris CDG.

Furthermore, the status of the medical emergency is unknown at this time.

1 month ago24/04/24

Getting Closer to CDG…

Air France 777 Tokyo-Paris Declares Emergency

AF245 has entered Parisian airspace, and continues to get closer to CDG for it’s landing after nearly 14 hours in the air.

1 month ago24/04/24

Approaching Downwind…

AF245 is approaching the downwind leg for it’s arrival into CDG.

1 month ago24/04/24

On Base…

AF245 is on base leg, landing expected in the next few minutes.

1 month ago24/04/24

On Finals…

AF245 is on final approach for it’s landing into CDG.

1 month ago24/04/24


Air France flight AF245 from Tokyo, has appeared to have touched down safely into Paris CDG following it’s emergency broadcast in the UK.

Furthermore, as mentioned in this chain, it is understood to be a medical-related incident.

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