Air France 777 Paris-Tokyo Declares Emergency

Air France 777 Paris-Montreal Declares Emergency
BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

An Air France flight from Paris to Tokyo has declared an emergency whilst enroute, and is returning to Paris.

Air France flight AF162, a Boeing 777, squawked code 7700 whilst in transit over Romania, and executed a U-turn.

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Air France AF162 Paris-Tokyo

Having declared a general emergency for the cruise, flight AF162 has now expedited an immediate return to Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG), the departure airport.

The nature of the emergency prompting the return is not yet known.

Return to Paris CDG

Flight track of Air France AF162 Paris to Tokyo, showing return to Paris.

Weather for the flight’s return is currently visual (VFR), with visibility 10 kilometers or more. Runways 08/09 are currently active at Paris CDG.

The aircraft is currently under vectoring for an approach, and on descent below 10,000 feet.

Flight track of Air France AF162 Paris to Tokyo, showing return to Paris.

Update 12:35 UTC

Air France flight AF162 now turning finals and establishing for its return to CDG. The nature of the problem remains unclear.

Flight track of Air France AF162 Paris to Tokyo, showing return to Paris.

Flight AF162, originally bound for Tokyo Haneda, now landed Paris CDG at 12:44 UTC, having squawked code 7700 and made a direct return to Paris.

Flight data shows that the flight made a delayed departure out of Paris this morning, showing an ATD of 10:16 local time. Scheduled departure time for the service to Tokyo Haneda (HND) was 09:25 local.

Having set course and levelled off at FL300 (30,000 feet), flight crew then initiated a turnaround for a direct return to CDG over Romanian airspace.

Laurent ERRERA from L’Union, France, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Boeing 777-300ER F-GZNI

The aircraft conducting today’s long haul service to Tokyo Haneda was a Boeing 777-300ER, registered F-GZNI. This is a 13.1 year old widebody aircraft belonging to the carrier Air France.

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