Air China In-Flight Fire in Singapore: Passengers Evacuated

Air China Flight to Singapore Declares Emergency

In the last few minutes, an Air China Airbus A320neo between Chengdu and Singapore has declared an emergency.

Air China Flight to Singapore Declares Emergency
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CA403 is operated by B-305J, has been in the air for five hours so far, and has produced an interesting route whilst on its descent into Singapore.

Updates: Air China Flight to Singapore Declares Emergency…

This is a developing story. Updates to follow below.

UPDATE #1 @ 0908 UK time – Air China flight CA403 is setting itself up for the straight-in approach to Singapore Changi Airport following its 7700 emergency squawk broadcast a few minutes ago.

UPDATE #2 @ 0909 UK time – CA403 is now on final approach into the airport, with the reason still unclear for the emergency at this time.

UPDATE #3 @ 0915 UK time – TOUCHDOWN! CA403 between Chengdu and Singapore has successfully landed following its emergency squawk transmission!

UPDATE #4 @ 0915 UK time – As per data from Planespotters, B-305J is a 4.8-year-old A320neo that was delivered new to Air China back in December 2018.

The airline currently has a fleet of 49 A320neos at the time of writing, with 43 in active service and six currently parked.

It is still unclear what the cause of the emergency was. AviationSource will attempt to get a statement from the airline for the reason behind this.

Image sourced from @FATIIIAviation
Image sourced from @FATIIIAviation
Video sourced from @FATIIIAviation

UPDATE #5 @ 1121 UK time – It has emerged that Air China flight CA403 had an engine fire, resulting in an evacuation of the aircraft upon arrival into Singapore!

UPDATE #6 @ 1128 UK time – ATC recordings have been obtained from Air China flight CA403, declaring the emergency initially whilst in the air.

Video sourced from @aviationbrk.

UPDATE #7 @ 1132 UK time – Another angle of the evacuation taking place at Singapore Changi Airport.

UPDATE #8 @ 1156 UK time – The Singaporean Civil Aviation Authority has released the following statement due to the incident:

“An Air China flight (CA403) from Chengdu encountered smoke in the forward cargo hold and lavatory enroute to Changi Airport.”

“The aircraft landed on Runway 3 at around 1615 hrs, and all passengers and crew have evacuated safely. The fire in the left engine has been put out.”

“Air China and Changi Airport Group are providing assistance to the passengers and crew. Arising from this incident, Runway 3 will be temporarily closed, and flight operations may be affected.”

“Passengers should check the Changi Airport website or app for the latest information on their flights. Updates to follow.”

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