Klasjet expands in the Middle East market with BBJ2 jet

A Klasjet luxury Boeing BBJ2 jet on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Klasjet

Corporate jet charter operator Klasjet will expand their presence into the Middle Eastern market, operating 68-seater aircraft from Dubai.

The operator is a well-known exclusive private and corporate jet charter company, as well as an ACMI leasing service provider.

The company recently introduced the Boeing BBJ2 to the Middle Eastern market and will with this continue their expansion.

The expansion

With the introduction of the Boeing BBJ2 to the Middle Eastern market, corporate jet charter company Klasjet plans to base and operate the luxurious Boeing 737 Business Jet in Dubai.

The aircraft will cater the growing demand for exclusive private and corporate air travel in the region.

As the Middle East is one of the fastest growing business aviation markets in the world, Klasjet has seen a unique opportunity in the region, and to this, CCO of Klasjet, Lukas Petrauskas explained:

“The Middle East market was dominated by smaller business jets and 2-class configuration aircraft, however, there was a lack of options for larger groups or delegations.”

“Therefore, we are confident that our luxury Boeing 737 will be an ideal choice for extended families, sports teams, business travellers, and political delegations who require a comfortable and convenient mode of travel for their group.”

The aircraft

The Boeing 737 is exclusively designed by Klasjet and offers 68 business class seats, providing great space and comfort, and further ensuring a luxurious experience of the highest quality for every single passenger onboard.

The aircraft’s interior is crafted with attention to detail, leaving a subtle yet luxurious touches throughout the cabin, in order to enhance the travel experience.

Interior aside, Klasjet also vows to offer exceptional passenger care, with CCO Lukas Petrauskas commenting: “We believe in delivering an all-encompassing experience that surpasses our clients’ expectations.”

“We pay attention to even the smallest details, both inside and outside the private jet, to create a personalised and exceptional travel experience.”

“Our crew members are well-trained in various fields such as human psychology, fine dining, sommelier courses, protocol-related behaviour, professional presentation, and culture-specific nuances, including tailored cabin crew uniforms that adhere to specific cultural norms.”

Klasjet will also offer a more luxurious option tailored for smaller groups and high-ranking individuals with the BBJ2 aircraft, which at this time is undergoing preparations to operate in Dubai.

The aircraft will be thoughtfully designed, contain 23 seats and ensure the convenience and comfort of the ones onboard. Among the other onboard amenities, passengers can find a shower, a spacious lounge area and a bedroom.

About Klasjet

Klasjet is a well known corporate jet charter operator based out of Vilnius, Lithanua, and is a family member of the Avia Solutions Group.

The Group the largest global ACMI provider which holds more than 165 aircraft in the fleet and operates in all continents of the world.

Klasjet has a total of nine aircraft as of April 2, 2023 accoridng to data from planespotters.net, and operates 8 Boeing 737-300/500/800NG aircraft along with one CRJ-200 airframe.

Across the Boeing 737 fleet, Klasjet operates 2 Boeing 737-300 aircraft, 3 Boeing 737-500 aircraft and further 3 Boeing 737-800 (BBJ2) aircraft.

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