Trump Flies from New York to Washington for Arraignment

Trump Flies from New York to Washington for Arraignment

Former U.S President Donald Trump is currently airborne from New York’s Newark and is heading to Washington for his arraignment. Follow live.

Trump Flies from New York to Washington for Arraignment
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He is flying onboard N757AF, his own private jet, known as “Trump Force One”, and was the jet he used to use frequently before he was President as well.

It is understood that he is heading to Dulles, where he will then travel by car to the courtroom for his arraignment.

N757AF is 32.2 years old at the time of writing, having started out life with Sterling Airways of Denmark back in June 1991, as per data from

From there, it was passed on to Mexican carrier TAESA in July 1994 before being handed over to Vulcan Aircraft in March 1995.

It remained with Vulcan until being handed over to Donald Trump in August 2010.

Trump is being charged on counts of plotting to overturn the 2020 U.S Presidential Election result.

Continue to follow updates on AviationSource of the aircraft as it is in flight, as well as when it descends down into Washington. More to follow in due course.

Following Trump from New York to Washington…

This is a developing story. Updates to follow shortly.

Trump Flies from New York to Washington for Arraignment

UPDATE #1 @ 1924 UK time – At the time of writing, N757AF is currently cruising at FL220 over the Wilmington area with Trump onboard.

Trump Flies from New York to Washington for Arraignment

UPDATE #2 @ 1927 UK time – N757AF with Trump onboard is now on its descent into Washington. It’s only a short flight from New York’s Newark.

UPDATE #3 @ 1932 UK time – N757AF currently passing through 10,000 feet at present.

UPDATE #4 @ 1939 UK time – Trump is currently to the north of Washington D.C city center as the aircraft readies for its approach into Dulles.

UPDATE #5 @ 1943 UK time – Looks like it isn’t Dulles then. N757AF looks to be setting up for an approach into Washington’s Ronald Reagan Airport.

UPDATE #6 @ 1946 UK time – N757AF doing an awesome river approach into DCA.

UPDATE #7 @ 1949 UK time – N757AF with President Trump onboard has landed at Washington’s DCA airport. Deboarding and transport to arraignment will follow. Thank you for tuning in.

UPDATE #8 @ 1955 UK time – Video footage from @SkyNews shows President Trump landing into Washington’s DCA from New York!

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