LIVE: Russian Aircraft To Depart New York for Moscow

LIVE: Russian Aircraft To Depart New York for Moscow
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In under 30 minutes, the Rossiya – Special Detachment Ilyushin IL-96-300 is about to depart New York JFK, inbound for Moscow with diplomats onboard.

LIVE: Russian Aircraft To Depart New York for Moscow
Data provided by

Data from shows a slot of 1540 local time for departure, with the jet expected to arrive in Moscow Vnukovo tomorrow at 0814 local time.

iNews confirmed yesterday that the purpose of this flight into Washington Dulles initially was to carry Russian diplomats home back to Moscow. It is expected that the flight into New York JFK was for the same reason.


A U.S Spokesperson said the following:

“The US government has allowed the Russian government to send a charter flight to the United States to transport to Russia those Russian diplomats whose assignments have ended.”

“We also maintain strict reciprocity with Russia regarding special transport missions for diplomatic personnel and cargo.”

It remains clear in this case that the aircraft has stopped over in New York to pick up some more diplomats on top of the ones picked up from Washington Dulles initially.

The jet in question is RA-96018, a 15-year-old frame that has been with the government for a long time.

AviationSource will be providing live updates up to its departure. Stay tuned for further updates as they begin to come in, with data courtesy of

This is a developing story.

Updates From The Russian Aircraft That Is Due to Depart New York for Moscow…

Keep refreshing this page frequently as updates come in. More to follow shortly.

LIVE: Russian Aircraft To Depart New York for Moscow

UPDATE #1 @ 2022 UK time – The current scenes from New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport as we await the Russian Ilyushin IL-96-300 to start broadcasting.

LIVE: Russian Aircraft To Depart New York for Moscow

UPDATE #2 @ 2028 UK time – RSD898 has spawned up and is at the holding point, ready for departure from New York’s JFK.

UPDATE #3 @ 2032 UK time – RSD898 of the Rossiya – Special Detachment has just departed from New York’s JFK a few minutes early and is climbing out to its cruise for its long flight to Moscow.

UPDATE #4 @ 2033 UK time – RSD898 is turning left after departure and will head south of Long Beach, to begin with.

UPDATE #5 @ 2039 UK time – RSD898 on a healthy climb out, passing through 12,000 feet and beyond.

UPDATE #6 @ 2041 UK time – With the departure now complete, that concludes our short coverage of the departure from New York’s JFK tonight.

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