Who Performed Better in September?: Airbus or Boeing?

Who Performed Better in September?: Airbus or Boeing?
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

As Airbus and Boeing release their order and delivery numbers for September 2023, who performed better?

This piece will take a look at each of their respective reports, and to see who performed better both on the orders and deliveries front.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Boeing’s Order & Deliveries for September…

Who Performed Better in September?: Airbus or Boeing?
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

On the Deliveries front, Boeing were able to handover 27 aircraft in September, with them being as follows:

  • Air India – 2 737 MAXs.
  • Air Lease Corporation – 2 737 MAXs.
  • Alaska Airlines – 2 737 MAXs.
  • All Nippon Airways – 1 737 MAX.
  • Copa Airlines – 1 737 MAX.
  • DAE Aviation Group – 1 737 MAX.
  • DHL Aviation Americas – 1 777F.
  • LATAM – 1 787-9s.
  • Qatar Airways – 2 787-9s.
  • Republic of Iraq – 1 787-8.
  • Saudia – 1 787-10.
  • Silk Way West – 1 777F.
  • Singapore Airlines – 2 787-10s.
  • Southwest Airlines – 4 737 MAXs.
  • Tanzania – 1 737 MAX.
  • Turkish Airlines – 1 787-9.
  • United Airlines – 2 737 MAXs.
  • Vistara – 1 787-9.

For orders, Boeing received a gross total of 224 aircraft ordered, which considered of:

So overall, Boeing had a relatively good month for orders, but delivery delays will no doubt be something to address in order to bump those numbers up moving forward.

How Did Airbus Fare Last Month?

Who Performed Better in September?: Airbus or Boeing?
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

On the deliveries front, Airbus superseded Boeing by handing over 55 new jets to 34 different customers. This consisted of:

  • 4 A220-300s.
  • 1 A319neo.
  • 23 A320neos.
  • 20 A321neos.
  • 2 A330-900neos.
  • 5 A350-900s.

Gross orders for Airbus was recorded at 23 jets for September, being the following two orders:

So Airbus didn’t do as well on the orders front compared to Boeing, but were able to deliver more aircraft, and have done so consistently month-on-month over 2023 so far, whilst the American planemaker handles supply chain issues.

So Who Has Performed Better?

Photo Credit: Joris Wendt/AviationSource

It is a question that requires two answers at this time. Airbus has delivered more airplanes, but they have a far larger backlog than Boeing at this present moment.

However, Boeing are making strong ground, especially in the form of these blockbuster aircraft orders that we have seen from them over the course of this year.

All eyes will be on either side to see what the total delivery and gross order numbers look like for 2023.

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