What’s next for the private aviation industry in 2023?

CEO of Welojet private aviation company poses at open door of jet.
Welojets co-founder and CEO Martin Baldomá Jones. Photo Credit: Welojet

Welojets co-founder and CEO Martin Baldomá Jones discusses how the business aviation industry should manage more normal levels of demand after a record-breaking number of movements during the pandemic.

The Welojets CEO also discusses just how the industry is adapting to the need of a more sustainable future.

A historic influx of first-time flyers

To say that private aviation was on everybody’s radar during 2021 and 2022 might be an understatement.

With a historic influx of first-time flyers and a surge in demand, the industry mostly demonstrated it was prepared to serve and meet consumer expectations when commercial aviation was completely grounded.

And I say mostly because there were natural challenges throughout the process like availability concerns and understaffing.

Yet, the positives during that period outweighed the challenges by far. A new market was established while a brand-new set of behaviors and expectations are demanded today by old and new customers.

Those traveling commercial that had no choice but to experience the reliability of private aviation are sticking to the segment and not going back, after experiencing how much time they have at the end of their days to invest in other aspects of life.

Nevertheless, it was just a matter of time for this day to arrive – when demand peaked and regained pre-Covid levels.

Those private jet providers who maximized this window are in a great position to continue delivering their services seamlessly while nurturing the connections and new relationships they obtained during high the revenue season.

The future outlook

Collaboration has also been a key element in a rather small business and that trend was strengthened throughout the pandemic to weather the challenges imposed by the historic moment.

What does life look like after the historic demand has peaked? At Welojets we’re looking at certain factors that will define the future of our industry.


In the short term, the market will remain strong, with the European summer generating a steady demand growth.

On the midterm, mainly the second half of 2023 and next year, we’re closely looking at the levels of global inflation and the war in Ukraine.

Our long-term vision is focused on observing what happens with the influx of new aircraft into the market, which should affect overall supply and demand.

Looking ahead: electrification and air revolution

Private aviation provides an economic boost to every major economy and generates millions of jobs globally. And the advancements in electrification and how the industry plans to connect with the upcoming reality cannot go unnoticed.

The industry is investing heavily in urban air mobility companies because it understands the value this will add to passengers’ travel experience.

Electra’s nine-passenger eSTOL aircraft will be able to operate from a 300-foot runway. (Image: Electra)

Picture this: a passenger can take an eVTOL aircraft from the city center and quickly arrive at the airport or substituting five-hour car drives with eSTOL ecofriendly aircrafts. This would reduce carbon emissions and commuting times considerably.

In fact, under that same vision we have partnered with Electra as we plan to operate their eSTOL aircraft in various markets – at Welojets we truly believe this is the future of aviation.

Having a proactive stance in the aviation industry is key to adapting to consumer expectations and staying on top of the latest trends and technologies.

Electra chief product officer Marc Ausman (right) and Welojets founder Alfredo Lisdero sign a letter of intent at the NBAA-BACE show. (Image: Electra)

We believe that always looking ahead and envisioning potential scenarios without losing sight of present challenges and opportunities, keeps us consistently committed to delivering the best possible service around the globe.

Alongside my team I see bright skies for the private aviation industry and many opportunities to increase its reach while also serving new clients by partnering with other prominent actors, mainly those leading the electric air revolution.

About Welojets

WELOJETS is a global air mobility company, with offices in Miami, Buenos Aires, and Madrid. We have a great team, focused on offering the best charter flights anywhere in the world including private jets, cargo, airliners, helicopters, and medical flights.

We work with competitive pricing and maximum safety standards and provide a tailor-made concierge experience to each one of our customers.

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