TUI In The UK: Pressure Needed On Jet2

Fleet of TUI UK aircraft at Manchester Airport. Summer 2023 will be vital.
Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource

LONDON – Following a report from the UK CAA about Jet2 being the largest holiday company in the UK, TUI will want to apply pressure on its competitor in the Summer 2023 season.

Such reporting is based on the Top ATOL holders report, which includes the passengers that companies are licensed to handle.

RankLicence holderATOL noPassengers licensed
1Jet2holidays Ltd96185,859,600
2TUI UK Ltd25245,336,410
3On the Beach Travel Limited115491,863,023
4We Love Holidays Ltd109891,854,038 B.V.119671,737,680
6easyJet Holidays Ltd116941,294,465
7British Airways Holidays Ltd5985848,380
8Expedia Group, Inc5788636,171
9BravoNext SA11082607,726
10Travel Republic Ltd10581368,780
Source: CAA

TUI UK vs. Jet2 in Summer 2022…

  • UK carrier Jet2 Airbus A330-200. Summer 2023 will be vital.
  • TUI Airways UK Boeing 767-300ER. Summer 2023 will be vital.

As well as the CAA report establishing how close the competition is between the airline and Jet2, let’s use historical data from to establish this, more notably in the Summer 2022 season.

This will look at the official dates of Summer in the UK as June 21, 2022-September 23, 2022:

DateTUI UK Weekly MovementsJet2 Weekly MovementsWho Performed More Flights?
June 18-25, 2022389 movements396 movementsJet2
June 25-July 2382 movements395 movementsJet2
July 2-9400 movements399 movementsTUI UK
July 9-16403 movements394 movementsTUI UK
July 16-23408 movements399 movementsTUI UK
July 23-30415 movements398 movementsTUI UK
July 30-August 6422 movements396 movementsTUI UK
August 6-13418 movements395 movementsTUI UK
August 13-20420 movements402 movementsTUI UK
August 20-27419 movements400 movementsTUI UK
August 27-September 3417 movements400 movementsTUI UK
September 3-10404 movements394 movementsTUI UK
September 10-17415 movements394 movementsTUI UK
September 17-24429 movements385 movementsTUI UK

This table highlights the fact that despite the blue-liveried airline operating more flights on average than Jet2 week-by-week over the Summer 2022 season, Jet2 had a higher load factor to achieve a higher number of passengers.

It ultimately means that as well as needing to operate the same number of flights per week or more over the Summer 2023 season, the airline needs more passengers in their aircraft.

The data, of course, highlights the network spread that the carrier has, as well as its frequencies being slightly higher than Jet2’s, but the important figure here is about passenger numbers. And that is what matters ultimately, to get that #1 spot again.

Overall: Summer 2023 Has To Perform Better…

TUI UK Boeing 737-800. Summer 2023 will be vital.
Photo Credit: Jacob Jones/AviationSource

It remains clear that the airline has the operational infrastructure to take on rival Jet2 and even exceed movement numbers in that respect.

That being said, however, the carrier needs to increase its load factors, which can be seen through the number of deals the holiday provider is offering at this point.

With the chaos that ensued over the Summer 2022 season, the provider has to ensure that they get things right this time in order to maximize passenger numbers moving forward.

Otherwise, Jet2 will continue to hold that #1 spot in the UK CAA rankings.

It’s going to be an exciting season this year, with demand expected to be higher than in Summer 2022, which definitely says a lot about where post-COVID travel is going.

By James Field - Editor in Chief 4 Min Read
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