Trip Report: THAI Business Class Nagoya to Bangkok 

Photo Credit: Indy Udol/AviationSource

This trip report is my first ever Thai Airways business-class flight after the pandemic, I was surprised how the airline fared extremely well, despite getting bad press from individuals and flight reviewers. 

This flight took place on the 2nd of December 2023 onboard Thai Airways Airbus A350-900 HS-THK as TG645. I took the journey from Nagoya to Bangkok.

Onboard THAI A350 Nagoya – Bangkok

I went directly to my seat 16B – this will be my home for the next 6 hours! I am curious to know whether these tail cameras are a standard feature on every A350 – does anybody know? 

I did not hesitate to order alcohol at 10:30 in the morning. I opted for the champagne and the classy mimosa 


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For those champagne nerds out there – all passengers were served Laurent-Perrier.

The drink menu.

Flicked through the menu – I opted for the Japanese Bento Set which turned out to be the best inflight meal I ever have had .

THAI chooses the AKG headphones – a fine Austrian audio brand. 

Blast off from Nagoya Airport’s Runway 36.

The first course was served – the amuse-bouche. 

Quoting from the menu: (Left) Shrimp and boiled asparagus with egg yolk and vinegar sauce on grilled eggplant slice. (Right) Roast Beef, consommé jelly, and vegetables with wasabi cream sauce. – Whatever those are, I am not a sucker for fine dining but my palette was dancing. 

Had the amuse-bouche and the champagne right after take-off. 

The lovely flight attendant kindly came around and asked whether I would want another glass of champagne – and I said absolutely. Served with a bowl of mixed nuts. 

My Japanese Bento Set was served! Love the presentation – simple yet detailed

Voila – the mains on the bottom middle were grilled Greenland Halibut with Light Soy Sauce. Next to it (Right) was the traditional miso soup. 

On the top row was a series of assorted Japanese appetizers, including my all-time favorite octopus and the sashimi. 

Close-up of the Greenlandic Halibut.

Close-up of the appetizers.

This was amazing! 

After my pleasant gluttony experience, I was served a drip coffee. Beans were roasted from Doi Tung, originating from Northern Thailand. Tea was offered as an alternative. 

Along with the coffee and the turndown service – I was offered a Thai-made chocolate. Kad Kokoa is a Thai artisan chocolate maker, specializing in sustainable production and fair trade. 

I took a huge nap. 2 hours before landing, I was served ice cream with dry coconut shavings and an unidentifiable Thai fruit. The ice cream was a Pina Colada Ice Cream. 

After I had my ice cream, the Captain commenced the descent.

Over the Gulf Of Thailand before making a 90-degree turn to Suvarnabhumi Airport. One can see the port city of Sriracha.

Approaching Bangkok’s Runway 01L.

Bottom Line

It looks like THAI has certainlyrisen from the ashes. I was not expecting such quality service on this flight and I can see that THAI is improving its soft products – the food and also the service. 

Hard products, especially the seat are average, while other carriers offer superior seating than THAI.

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By Indy Udol 4 Min Read
4 Min Read
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