The Boeing 787: The Perfect Fit For Delhi-based IndiGo?

The Boeing 787: The Perfect Fit For Delhi-based IndiGo?
Photo Credit: AeroConcepts.
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With the news from Reuters coming out regarding IndiGo looking at purchasing up to 25 Boeing 787 aircraft, would this be the perfect fit for the Delhi-based carrier?

Whilst no overall decision has been made, and talks supposedly ongoing regarding the A330neo with Airbus, let’s take a look at which aircraft would be better for them in that regard.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Why Would IndiGo Opt for the Boeing 787?

The Boeing 787: The Perfect Fit For Delhi-based IndiGo?
Photo Credit: AeroConcepts

Back in May 2023, Delhi-based IndiGo inducted its first Boeing 777-300ER, which came from Turkish Airlines, into its fleet.

Cockpit commonality would be a strong offering for IndiGo when considering the Boeing 787.

However, the same argument could be made on the Airbus side of things, due to its significant number of A320 Family aircraft in the fleet.

Ultimately, this would be a game of capacity, as IndiGo has been struggling in the past with too much customer demand, and needs more aircraft.

An example of this would come from the Paris Air Show, where 500 narrowbody aircraft were ordered with Airbus.

If we are talking capacity on the widebody front, if IndiGo offered an all-economy layout, here is what each variant of the 787 could seat:

  • 787-8 – 359, with a exit limit of 381 passengers.
  • 787-9 – 406, with a exit limit of 420 passengers.
  • 787-10 – 440, with a exit limit of the same.

As we will see below, how does this compare to the A330neo, which is also another aircraft the Delhi-based carrier is looking at?

Would The A330neo Fix Capacity Constraints?

The Boeing 787: The Perfect Fit For Delhi-based IndiGo?
Photo Credit: Airbus


The A330neo is another suitable candidate for fixing capacity constraints within the IndiGo umbrella, especially as air travel continues to explode in demand out of the region.

In comparison, the carrier could sit the following maximums, depending on the variation of A330neo they go for:

  • A330-800neo – 406 passengers in a 1-class layout.
  • A330-900neo – 460 passengers in a 1-class layout.

Cebu Pacific operates its A330neos with 459 seats in an all-economy layout, so this does highlight what IndiGo could get out of the aircraft type.

But again, at this stage, it is down to personal preference from the operations team at the Delhi-based carrier.


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Looking ahead, it’s going to be interesting to see which aircraft IndiGo opts for. Off the back of a mega order with Airbus at the Paris Air Show, would they go to the other side on the widebody front?

In the meantime, all we can do is sit back and wait to see which unit they opt for. The A330neo would be able to offer more capacity, but is IndiGo looking for an aircraft with more distance for more further afield routes?

Only time will tell on this front.

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