The Aviation Angle in Ukraine Is Heating Up: Here’s Why

The Aviation Angle in Ukraine Is Heating Up: Here's Why
Skywarrior, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

As we have observed over the course of this weekend, the aviation angle in Ukraine is intensifying in nature, especially as Western intervention continues. Find out why in this piece.

We will take a look at two observed events, which consist of one announcement, and one thing that has happened involving military aviation.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Zelensky: Ukraine Will Receive 42 F-16s from The Netherlands…

The Aviation Angle in Ukraine Is Heating Up: Here's Why
Photo Credit: Zelensky’s official Twitter.

President Zelensky announced today that they will be receiving up to 42 F-16s from The Netherlands once training of aerial troops are completed.


He said the following on social media:

“Today, we took another step to strengthen Ukraine’s air shield. F-16s. These jets will be used to keep Russian terrorists away from Ukrainian cities and towns.”

“Mark Rutte and I reached an agreement on the number of F-16s to be transferred to Ukraine once our pilots and engineers have completed their training. 42 jets. And this is just the beginning. Thank you, Netherlands!”

At this stage, it is unclear when the training aspect will be completed.

Aviation Becoming Part of the Country’s Attacks Even More…

The Aviation Angle in Ukraine Is Heating Up: Here's Why
Photo sourced from @Global_Mil_Info on Twitter.

More news has come out regarding Ukraine’s aerial efforts against Russia, with a Tu-22M3 strategic bomber being destroyed at Soltsy Air Base.

It is understood that a Ukrainian quadcopter UAV was reportedly used in the strike, with this airbase distanced around 650km away from the border.

It is strikes like these that are beginning to highlight further how aviation is playing a role in the country’s attacks against Russia.

Ukrainian drone strikes forced the temporary closure of four major airports in Moscow in the early morning of Friday, August 18.

Several commercial flights were forced to divert as a result of temporary closures at the four principal civilian Moscow airports.

The four affected airports were Vnukovo International Airport (VKO), Domodedovo Mikhail Lomonosov Airport (DME), Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport (SVO) and Zhukovsky International Airport (ZIA), according to Rosaviatsiya, the Russian Federal Agency for Air Transport.

Countless other aerial attacks have been made, and in Ukraine, it is showing exactly how effective they are in causing disruption against Russia.


Chris Lofting (GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2, via Wikimedia Commons

What remains clear is that the efforts made in Ukraine on the aviation front are helping, but of course, acquiring assistance from the likes of The Netherlands shows how supplies of this equipment are diminishing.

With continued support from the West ongoing, the country is in a sufficient position currently to continue their attacks.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see what the Russian response will be from the deal signed with The Netherland this weekend, as they have said in the past that Western intervention will have consequences.

But for now, let’s see how the rest of this will pan out.

Update #1 @ 1813 UK time – Ukraine Announces More F-16s Thanks to Denmark!

Photo Credit: Zelensky’s Official Twitter.

Adding to this post, Ukraine President Zelensky has announced that Denmark will also be providing F-16s to the country.

In a post on his social media, he said the following:

Very productive, focused, and concrete talks with

@Statsmin Mette Frederiksen. Our pilots and engineers have already began their training in Denmark. Denmark will provide Ukraine with 19 F-16s.”

“We are working on the speed of preparations. During the talks we also discussed the possibility of expanding training missions — the algorithm is clear.”

“Our F-16 coalition is proving its efficiency. Thank you, Denmark!

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