Seoul-Jeju City: The Busiest City Pair In The World

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LONDON – Seoul-Jeju City is the busiest city pair in the world, with over 200 daily movements taking place.

Based on data provided by, Seoul-Jeju City comes first with 226 daily movements from the respective carriers that operate them.

In no particular order, the top 10 busiest city pairs are:

  1. Seoul-Jeju City – 226 daily movements.
  2. Ho Chi Minh City – 127 daily movements.
  3. Tokyo Haneda-Fukuoka – 125 daily movements.
  4. Melbourne-Sydney – 117 daily movements.
  5. Denpasar-Jakarta – 113 daily movements.
  6. Chitose-Haneda – 111 daily movements.
  7. Mumbai-New Delhi – 109 daily movements.
  8. Riyadh-Jeddah – 106 daily movements.
  9. Honolulu-Kahului – 99 daily movements.
  10. Medellin-Bogota – 93 daily movements.

Significant Competition on the Seoul-Jeju City Route…

Data provided by

There is a significant amount of competition on the Seoul-Jeju City route, with the following carriers operating the following weekly flights:

  • Asiana Airlines – 210 weekly flights.
  • Jin Air – 65 weekly flights.
  • Jeju Air – 150 weekly flights.
  • Air Seoul – 37 weekly flights.
  • Korean Air – 204 weekly flights.

With these five competitors in mind, this means that the Seoul-Jeju City flight has around 666 flights per week minimum as per Google Flights and 1,582 weekly flights based on data.

It also exemplifies further how busy this particular city pair is, and to the extent that multiple competitors can operate huge weekly numbers.

Reflected in Individual Airline Statistics…

Korean Air’s busiest airports by movements. Credit:

It also remains clear that this city pair has been reflected in individual airline statistics that the flight-tracking company has reported.

Take Korean Air (Pictured above), for example. You can see that both Seoul Airports and Jeju City are in the top three busiest airports for the carrier.

Asiana Airlines’ busiest airports by movements. Credit:

The same also applies to Asiana Airlines, which is more or less similar to that of Korean Air.

Jeju Air’s busiest airports by movements. Credit:

Jeju Air is a little bit different as they operate an equal amount of flights between Jeju City and Seoul Incheon, with again the other Seoul Airport coming third like the other carriers above.

Air Seoul’s busiest airports by movements. Credit:

Whilst Air Seoul operates fewer flights per day than its other competitors, the pattern of the busiest airports remains the same.

Jin Air’s busiest airports by movements. Credit:

Finally, Jin Air, as to no surprise, also has both Seoul Airports and Jeju City in the top three for average daily movements, but Jeju City remains at the top.


It remains clear that the Seoul-Jeju City pair remains the busiest air link in the world thus far, and no other route looks certain to top it or near it.

Looking ahead, especially with the rise in air travel post-COVID, competitors operating this route will no doubt continue to reap the rewards. They could always push up more frequencies moving forward.

For now, all eyes will be on the competitors to see how much lower airfares could become on this route if more flights will be added.

By James Field - Editor in Chief 4 Min Read
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