Private jet charter vs. ownership: Understanding the options

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BitLux VP of Operations, Caio Holtz, discusses factors to consider when evaluating whether to charter or purchase a private jet and the resulting impacts of either path on time, cost, and aircraft availability.

Significant investments require careful planning, expert guidance, and the ability to guarantee that the output of a solution is worthy of the initial financial input.

The decision to travel by private jet is not only representative of a financial venture, but also demonstrates an investment in time, comfort, and freedom.

The cost to utilize a private jet can earn its keep by allowing passengers to save precious time, enjoy an unmatched standard of comfort in the air, and grant access to an expansive frontier of destinations.

The private jet industry hosts various options for securing an aircraft for use including charter and ownership models that represent different approaches to time, cost, and aircraft availability.

With a dedicated commitment to providing a modern, affordable, and convenient approach to private aviation, BitLux stands as an exceptionally valuable resource to rely on when considering chartering a private flight to any destination in the world.

Time is expensive, especially when it is critical for the successful execution of business, pleasure, or emergency medical purposes.


Private jets offer an unparalleled ability to save time on the clock and permit expedited transportation of passengers and cargo.

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Private jet charter

While chartering or owning a private jet both offer opportunities to save time, each option varies in how that overall time is saved for the user.

For passengers electing to charter a private jet, time is saved with the ability to use a premier broker like BitLux to find the perfect aircraft for their proposed trip.

Passengers do not have to scour the market for options but can instead allow a specialized player in the industry to present a safe, efficient, and affordable itinerary for their review.

The charter market is highly competitive and typically able to produce multiple options for passengers but is also subject to the dynamic nature of aviation and time-limiting factors such as the need to reposition aircraft or find suitable crewmembers.

These factors can be reduced through aircraft ownership, however, when a passenger can retain peace of mind by knowing their aircraft is dedicated solely for their use and is thus unimpacted by the potential delays incurred from flights conducted by a charter operator.

An owner of a private jet can typically expect to deploy their aircraft within a shortened time window compared to a passenger utilizing a chartered private jet, but both options are still significantly more efficient than commercial travel.

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When is it time to buy a private jet?

Analysis of the differences in costs between chartering versus purchasing a private jet is dependent upon the user’s frequency of travel. Aircraft ownership is generally financially logical when the cost of a private jet charter becomes more expensive than outright ownership of an aircraft.

If a passenger is able to commit to frequent flight activity on an annual basis, usually more than 200 hours of flight time per year, then it may be more economical and justifiable to purchase a private jet.

Aircraft ownership comes with additional financial implications including maintenance costs, crew salaries, hangar fees, insurance, and other variable line items.

Alternative methods of retaining access to a private jet include fractional jet ownership models and membership programs which sometimes help to offset the costs of ownership. The selection

of an optimal type of jet ownership hinges on the owner’s anticipated number of hours required to fly per year and their desire for uninterrupted access to an aircraft.

The cost of chartering a private jet requires a smaller financial contribution than purchasing and maintaining an aircraft for travelers who do not require extended periods of aircraft use, which makes private jet charter an attractive option for most passengers.

Furthermore, while an aircraft owner will consistently be able to fly on the same aircraft for every trip, some trips warrant the need for the use of a different type of aircraft.

In those cases, chartering a jet aircraft is a better option for travelers who will likely have various or unpredictable types of flight activity including trips to destinations where runway lengths prohibit the use of larger aircraft.

The decision to charter or purchase a private jet is best made with the help of an experienced private jet provider. Research must be conducted by the client as well as the team providing guidance on the final decision to ensure a sound outcome is achieved.

While aviation is a complex industry, BitLux can help to scrutinize which is the best way to experience private aviation depending on each traveler’s needs which, if lying less than 200 hours a year will most likely be taking the charter route.

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