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LONDON – Over the past year, NetJets has seen exponential growth across the business aviation sector. Let’s take a look at the statistics.

Pulling data from, let’s take a look at where the business operator is currently at, especially as business travel continues further to ramp up through 2023.

NetJets is Exceeding Pre-Pandemic Levels…

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Comparing the data from 2019 to 2023, NetJets has seen an increase in their average weekly movements of nearly 300 weekly services.

Let’s take the week from February 5 to February 12 as an example, as you can see from the data above, back in 2019 NetJets operated 679 services that week, whereas this year that total has increased by nearly 300 to now 972 services.

Even just comparing this back to 2022, NetJets has seen a 15.03% increase in movements, showing that the business aviation sector is booming as we head through 2023.

In terms of their last four weeks’ worth of data, this is as follows –

Date2019 Figures2020 Figures2021 Figures2022 Figures2023 FiguresPercentage Change (2023 vs 2022)
January 15-22642733600763879+15.2%
January 22-29614716573740905+22.3%
January 29-February 5652730605800904+13%
February 5-12679798740845972+15.03%
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The above data shows that on average were so far seeing a 15% increase week-on-week in services operated, granted some of these can be classed as ’empty legs’, meaning that its just aircraft positional flights, however, it still paints a positive picture for NetJets and the business aviation sector.

NetJets’ Busiest Airports…

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As you can see from the above data from, NetJets’ busiest airports is a near-tie between their main bases of West Palm Beach (PBI) in Florida and Teterboro (TEB) in New Jersey with both operating at an average of 68 and 67 daily movements consecutively.

Dallas Love Field (DAL) in Texas comes at a steady third, alongside White Plains (HPN) in New York and Washington Dulles (IAD) all coming in very close to each other with 38, 37, and 35 daily movements consecutively.

NetJets’ most utilized aircraft…

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Taking a dive into NetJets’ most utilized aircraft, as you can see from the data above, NetJets’ Cessna 680A Latitudes are storming ahead with an average of 283 daily movements.

The Cessna 680A Latitude is used by NetJets on their short to medium-haul services with the aircraft being classed as a ‘Midsized Jet’ that can carry up to seven passengers.

Following the Latitude, NetJets’ Embraer Phenom 300’s come in second with an average daily movements figure of 187.

Similar to the Cessna Latitude, NetJets’ Embraer Phenom 300’s is used on the carriers on their short to medium-haul services, however, the Phenom 300 is their only ‘Light Jet’ class, capable of carrying up to 6 passengers.


MarcelX42, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Overall, it is evident that NetJets is having a very successful 2023, even though we are just two months into the year.

So far an average of a 15% week-on-week growth for the operator is great news for the business aviation sector, coupled with their expansive growth plans, the operator is set for a strong year ahead of them.

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