Hong Kong International Airport: A review of progress and challenges

An aerial view of Hong Kong International Airport
Wylkie Chan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) stands as a key regional player, a vibrant hub connecting East and West, with respect to both passenger and air cargo movements.

As the aviation sector continues to moves through the post-pandemic recovery, the Hong Kong Government has been working to enhance the competitiveness of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

However, some members of the aviation industry and passengers have relayed that the high cost of using HKIA has hindered the resumption of destinations and flights and affected the competitiveness of HKIA.

This article examines the endeavors, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped the course of HKIA’s journey.

Rising Above Setbacks

Despite the trials posed by the pandemic, HKIA has demonstrated resilience. Post the lifting of travel restrictions in early 2023, the airport has witnessed a commendable resurgence.

With approximately 120 airlines serving 180 destinations worldwide, HKIA has reclaimed its stature as an international aviation hub.

The trajectory of recovery is optimistic, targeting a full rebound by the end of 2024, aligning with regional counterparts.


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The collaboration between the Hong Kong Government and the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) has been pivotal in orchestrating a swift recovery for HKIA.

Initiatives such as the “Early Bird Guaranteed Landing Charge Discount” scheme have been rolled out since December 2022, offering financial incentives to airlines for resuming flights.

This proactive approach has not only served to rejuvenate air traffic but it has also solidified HKIA’s global aviation network.

Globally Present, Locally Focused

Recognizing the importance of global representation, the AA has actively participated in international forums and conferences.

Events like Routes Asia 2023 and Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023 showcased HKIA’s services to airlines, amplifying its global footprint.

The strategic participation in Routes World 2023 further emphasized HKIA’s commitment to fostering international relationships and staying ahead in the competitive aviation landscape.

Photo: Hong Kong Airport

Support for Airlines

Acknowledging the unique challenges faced by individual airlines, the AA engages in direct discussions to facilitate the resumption of flight services.

Financial aid in the form of market promotion funding is extended to eligible airlines, fostering collaboration and incentivizing the exploration of new destinations.

The encouragement to provide upstream check-in services within the Greater Bay Area adds a layer of convenience, enhancing HKIA’s interconnectedness.

Fair Skies, Fair Prices

Addressing concerns about airport charges, the AA has stated that it adheres to commercial principles, ensuring a competitive yet sustainable pricing structure.

A 2022 international consultancy review placed HKIA’s charges in the mid-tier, often below those of key Asian hub airports like London Heathrow, Tokyo Narita, and Singapore Changi.

The commitment to regular reviews and the modest Air Passenger Departure Tax underscore HKIA’s dedication to maintaining affordability for passengers.

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