Dublin Airport Experiences 16% Uplift in Flight Movements

Dublin Airport Experiences 16% Uplift in Flight Movements
Photo Credit: Dublin Airport.

Dublin Airport has this week experienced a 16% uplift in flight movement statistics as the gear-up to the Summer 2023 season continues.

Using data from RadarBox.com, we will take a look at how the airport has been performing in the last six weeks, as well as what the period could look like for them.

Without further ado, let’s get into the numbers…

The Numbers…

Dublin Airport Experiences 16% Uplift in Flight Movements
Data provided by RadarBox.com.


For April 2-9, Dublin Airport handled 710 movements, which represents a 16.20% uplift in flight movements compared to the same period last year.

Such a figure is around 2 movements short of achieving pre-pandemic levels, offering the expectation that the airport will exceed this figure as we progress through the Summer 2023 season.

Below is the last six weeks worth of data for the carrier:

Date2019 Numbers2022 Numbers2023 NumbersPercentage Difference (2023 vs. 2022)
February 19-26572 movements450 movements592 movements+31.56%
February 26-March 5578 movements494 movements590 movements+19.43%
March 5-12602 movements503 movements594 movements+18.09%
March 12-19586 movements522 movements629 movements+20.50%
March 19-26593 movements508 movements610 movements+20.08%
March 26-April 2704 movements628 movements690 movements+9.87%

The data shows that Dublin Airport has been exceeding pre-pandemic movements during the latter stages of the Winter 2022/23 season, and you can begin to see the reset as the Summer 2023 season begins.

Dublin Airport Welcomed 2.48m Passengers in March…

Photo Credit: Dublin Airport.

Dublin Airport has been experiencing solid growth over the course of March, with the airport handling 2.48m passengers during that period.

It was 30,000 passengers higher compared to the same period in 2019 and is the third consecutive month of record passenger numbers at the airport.

Of the 2.48m, 1.23 million were arriving passengers, and 1.25m were departing.

The CEO of the daa, which runs Dublin Airport, Kenny Jacobs, commented on the strong performance:

“Our busiest St Patrick’s Day period in four years, combined with lots of other big sporting and entertainment events taking place, resulted in a really busy March.”

“ACI Europe, our industry body, is reporting that passenger levels across Europe are generally down 12% when compared to 2019, so international travel to and from Dublin has now recovered and is exceeding pre-pandemic levels”.

“This is largely driven by flights to and from Continental Europe and transatlantic routes, followed by leisure demand and significant capacity expansion by our Irish-based airline partners”.

“London-Heathrow is back to being the busiest European airport, and that is reflected in the fact that it is the busiest destination on the network from Dublin airport,”

“Dublin Airport is also back as Europe’s 5th largest transatlantic hub.”


Photo Credit: Dublin Airport.

It remains clear that Dublin Airport is on the rise, and the Summer 2023 season will put them in a strong position to thrive further.

The opening of its second runway as well will allow more movements to arrive and depart more freely and could contribute to an increase in operations.

But for now, all eyes are on Dublin Airport to see how they perform during the Summer 2023 season.

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