Cirium reveals most on-time airlines and airports of 2023

A Delta Air Lines 767 jet on the ramp.
Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

In an industry synonymous with operational complexity, Cirium, the world’s most trusted source of aviation analytics, has revealed its much-anticipated 2023 On-Time Performance Review that celebrates operating excellence.

Cirium, a trailblazer in aviation analytics, proudly reveals its highly anticipated 2023 On-Time Performance Review, applauding those who have exemplified operational excellence.

This year’s global winners have not only met expectations but have also established new standards for operational performance and punctuality.

Delta Air Lines celebrates its third consecutive year as Cirium’s Platinum Award winner for global operational excellence. Avianca Airlines emerges as the global leader in punctuality.

Delta Air Lines also comes out on top in North America, with Iberia Express leading in Europe, Copa in Latin America, ANA in Asia Pacific, and Oman Air in the Middle East and Africa. Safair triumphs as the leading low-cost carrier.

Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport stands out as the top global airport performer in 2023. The full 2023 On-Time Performance Review is available for download here.

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Delta Air Lines: A Triple Triumph

For the third consecutive year, Delta Air Lines secures the prestigious Cirium Platinum Award, a testament to its unwavering commitment to operational efficiency and minimizing passenger disruptions.

Beyond this overarching recognition, Delta also clinched the title of the most on-time airline in North America.

A Delta Airlines aircraft parked on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Alf van Beem, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
An Avianca Airlines Airbus A320 parked at the gate.
Photo Credit: Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airlines Soars to the Top

Hailing from Bogota, Colombia, Avianca Airlines claims the coveted position of the most on-time global airline.

This triumph underscores Avianca’s dedication to punctuality and operational prowess on a worldwide scale.

Regional Champions

Recognizing excellence across the globe, regional winners include ANA for Asia Pacific, Oman Air for the Middle East and Africa, Copa in Latin America, and Iberia Express in Europe.

Additionally, Safair emerges as the leading low-cost carrier, while Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport takes the spotlight as the top-performing airport globally.

Defining On-Time Performance

In the aviation realm, an on-time flight is defined as one that arrives within 15 minutes of the scheduled gate arrival.

For airports, it translates to departure within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure. This meticulous standard ensures a comprehensive evaluation of operational efficiency.

Cirium’s CEO Commends Industry Leaders

Jeremy Bowen, CEO of Cirium, expresses admiration for Delta Air Lines’ remarkable achievement and applauds all winners for navigating operational hurdles with exceptional performance.

As we step into 2024, a year brimming with promise for the aviation sector, their dedication to efficiency and punctuality sets a commendable precedent.

Cirium’s On-Time Performance Program

Celebrating its 15th year, Cirium’s On-Time Performance program continues to meticulously monitor global airline operational excellence.

With data derived from over 600 real-time sources, including airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities, and more, Cirium provides an unbiased and comprehensive perspective crucial for industry stakeholders.

Cirium remains at the forefront in monitoring aviation on-time performance, especially in the post-pandemic landscape.

The company’s data and analytics, sourced from over 600 real-time information channels, offer a neutral, third-party perspective.

This vast pool of data includes airlines, airports, global distribution systems, civil aviation authorities, air navigation service providers, proprietary data partnerships, and internet sources.

Cirium’s on-time performance data is backed by an entirely independent board of advisors, consisting of industry experts with an unbiased view of the aviation sector.

This oversight guarantees the accuracy and proper representation of the information presented by Cirium.

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Cirium has revealed the most on-time airlines for 2023, with Delta Air Lines securing the Platinum Award and Avianca emerging for punctuality.
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