Calgary to Vancouver: The Busiest Flights in Canada

Calgary-Vancouver Are The Busiest Flights in Canada
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Did you know that in Canada, the Calgary-Vancouver flights are the busiest city pair utilised in the country?

Utilising data from, we will have a look at the busiest city pairs in the country.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Calgary-Vancouver Is The Busiest Route in Canada…

Calgary-Vancouver Are The Busiest Flights in Canada


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As we can see from the data provided by RadarBox the Calgary-Vancouver city pair is the busiest in Canada with 68 average daily movements.

Thereafter, Edmonton to Calgary comes in second with 64 average daily movements on this particular route.

Then in third is the Vancouver-Toronto route with 59 movements.

The primary operator of the busiest city pair in Canada is WestJet offering several daily flights per day between the two cities.

Other carriers such as Flair Airlines and Lynx Air also provide service between Calgary and Vancouver.

In terms of airfares, Flair Airlines comes in the cheapest with an average of £112 round-trip (C$191.32), with Lynx Air coming in second at £318 (C$543.20) and then WestJet third at £387 (C$661.06), followed by Air Canada being the most expensive at £459 (C$784.05), as per data by Skyscanner.

The typical aircraft utilised for this route is the Boeing 737, meaning that with the average 68 daily movements between Calgary and Vancouver, offers capacity of anywhere between 130-189 seats per flight.

This means that daily capacity across all carriers is in the region of 8,840-12,852 seats on offer per day, or 61,880-89,964 seats per week, or 3,217,760-4,678,128 seats per year, which produce quite the statistics indeed.

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